A Winning Approach To Effective Management Of The Dedicated Development Team: The Main Steps To Make It Work

The demand for outsourcing services remains incredibly high. Just imagine: in 2017, the global market for IT outsourcing reached the point of 64.3 billion U.S. dollars. This hiring model involves solo freelance professionals as well as dedicated management teams.

Such teams require an unusual approach to make them work effectively. Want to know how to manage the dedicated development team? In our material, we will provide a short guide to help you.

Dedicated development team management

The Dedicated Team Model

When we are talking about the dedicated team, we usually mean a business model in which the remote team from the other company is working on your project. The provider company usually chooses professionals according to their skills and experience, so you can get a team which will suit your demands perfectly.

Various companies are offering dedicated development team services. However, we strongly recommend choosing only trusted experienced teams such as Artelogic.

The dedicated team model has many benefits such as a transparent pricing system which helps easily define your budget. Another advantage is the adaptability, so you can change project requirements at any time. Furthermore, you can get full control over the development process.

On the other hand, managing the dedicated team can be a challenging task.

Business team management

Guide on Effective Dedicated Team Management

When it comes to dedicated team management, general management rules will still work here. However, the dedicated software development team is a specific case and may require a particular approach.

Here are some steps crucial for managing the dedicated team:

Pre-plan your work

Yes, it may sound obvious. However, many projects fail to meet the time and money limits because of unexpected tasks popping up.

You should focus on planning every detail: objectives, deadlines, budget, etc. Set up priorities while working on your plan, starting with the most vital tasks. Revise minor objectives to leave only the necessary ones. As a result, you will have a clear plan which will work as a guideline for further work.

Business pre-planning and scheduling

Communicate with the team

Communication is essential during all stages of your work. You should provide the team with your vision of the project even before they receive actual tasks. This will help them understand your goals and objectives.

You should be clear and accurate while discussing the tasks and setting deadlines. Try to maintain regular communication to control the process and strengthen your team. Some teamwork tips can be handy as well.

Use feedback

At first, you may think that your plan is perfect. However, it may have hidden issues which will arise during the development stage. If you have a good communication platform for the project, your team will be able to point out the weak spots and suggest some improvements.

Dedicated development teams consist of experienced professionals, so you can benefit from their knowledge. Therefore, you should be open to discussing your project with them.

Note the time difference

Some dedicated teams may consist of developers from different countries. Therefore, managing their work effectively can be quite a tricky task. However, you can transform timezone differences into an advantage.

For example, you can distribute different tasks among developers from different timezones to make the 24 hours as productive as possible. Try to create an order so that after some developers have finished their work, others can test or improve it. This way, you will have a continuous and productive workflow.

Time zone differences

Solve conflicts

The main problem of dedicated teams is a lack of communication. Therefore you should set clear objectives and requirements for your team. However, conflicts can occur in any team, so you should be prepared to solve them.


In this material, we have listed essential steps to manage any dedicated software development team. Find professionals like Artelogic to fulfill all your demands and use our guide to get the best results from this cooperation.