Top 7 Cyber Security Startups To Watch In 2019

Security breaches are still a huge challenge for businesses. Attacks on databases and networks have not yet been dealt with as recent statistics have shown.

In 2018, reports have shown that not only are have attacks grown in the smaller mobile markets but they have also been growing in the big business world. Financial institutions were huge targets in 2018 and reports from Norton, show that nearly $1 billion was at risk from attacks targeting banks.

Cybersecurity startups 2019

Such statistics are undoubtedly worrying. This is why various stakeholders have become involved in the cybercrime realm to try and bring lasting solutions. Let us look at some of the top cybersecurity startups to watch in 2019.

1. Awake Security

Awake app logo

Awake Security is currently among the most promising startups in its field. This startup based in California has been around for nearly five years. As its name suggests, its main focus is to use technology and data to create robust networks. The startup relies heavily on AI and machine learning to analyze behavior on the web and to track entities in a network. By bringing together different aspects of a network, an effective analysis can result in the detection of threats.

2. Balbix

Balbix logo

Balbix is another startup started in California and which uses AI to assess the risks of various platforms on the web. This startup is unique in its work because even the best VPN for Android today can only be more effective with enough backing of modern machine-learning abilities. The startup was founded in 2015 and it has consistently provided accurate risk assessment reports.

The great thing about the company is that it focuses on using visual aids like maps to give a clear picture of risks. The startup has a platform that not only focuses on providing solutions for apps but also for other assets in a network. The startup has sufficient funding and it is one of those that will change the security realm.

3. Block Armour

Block Armour logo

One of the main areas that will experience growth in the next couple of years is the blockchain realm. While the blockchain has been touted as a pretty robust platform security-wise, it still faces challenges from vandalism and other forms of attacks.

Block Armour – is a blockchain security company based in Mumbai, India. It provides security for the blockchain by isolating critical infrastructure. The startup is one of the few whose solutions in the blockchain realm are vital for future growth.

4. CryptoMove

CryptoMove logo

At a time when the internet is becoming a crucial storage platform, cloud security is essential. CryptoMove is a startup that focuses on protecting data by keeping it constantly in the move. By using their moving target defense (MTD) system, this startup manages to remove the disadvantages of centralized storage of data.

5. Protenus


The merging of technology and other industries has been great for the overall security in the different areas where technology is applied. Like in other areas, the medical realm faces the same security challenges that face other industries.

Protenus is a startup that uses AI technology for healthcare security. It does this by providing monitoring services. When suspicious activity is detected, the platform can send alerts to the relevant individuals.

6. ThreatBook


ThreatBook was founded in 2015 in Beijing, China. This startup is among those that have focused their efforts on making use of intelligence to boost security for apps. Because of its impressive record, the company has a great potential that can be tapped.

The company currently operates only in China where it provides total coverage for users who make app downloads in third-party app stores. Not only does this company give users security, but it also generates reports that clearly show the threat sources.

7. ThreatInformer

ThreatInformer logo

ThreatInformer is a startup that is based in London, England. This startup is among the best when it comes to providing risk information for cyber insurers.

The cyber realms are filled with many kinds of underwriters and insurance brokers. The startup is unique in that it focuses on these businesses which are crucial to the digital financial success. Brokers are given a huge amount of resources that can help them with risk management by this startup. Client profiles, verifiable data, and risk accumulation records are all given to brokers.

The platform is thus not just great for risk management but it is crucial for business growth.