Where Should You Base Your Ecommerce Business Operations?

When starting an ecommerce business, there are a number of considerations, and if you’ve never been part of an ecommerce company, then you might be wondering where to start. There are number of things to think about.

When creating an ecommerce company, the first thing to think about is where you’re going to base your company. While many people would make the decision to rent an office space, there are other things to consider. Will you need a receptionist? What about internet or a meeting space? If so, then you might see how overhead could become a major factor in your budget. Fortunately, there are ways to help keep your budget on track while fulfilling the needs of your ecommerce business. One of them is by using Virtual Headquarters services.

Ecommerce business team

First, let’s consider the many aspects of having a Virtual Headquarters.

What a Virtual HQ can offer your eCommerce business

A virtual headquarters is basically a virtual office that offer you access to a number of resources and features you need, all while catering perfectly to your ecommerce company’s managerial needs. After all, with an ecommerce company, you don’t actually need a brick and mortar location.

A virtual office is ideal for ecommerce applications because it offers the space you might need for meeting or team brainstorming sessions. A virtual office also offers the technology you need, which might include a fax machine, copying and printing services, and more. The real benefit for your ecommerce company is that you get a single spot where you can manage your company, but you get it at a fraction of the cost of having to lease an office space or office building somewhere. At the end of the day, that puts money back into your bottom line.

Most virtual offices don’t require leases, which means that you can easily scale to your needs. If you only need a seasonal office space, then a virtual office would be ideal.

Virtual service’s features you need

Now, let’s take a look at a few features you might need for your ecommerce business.

For starters, your company might require a receptionist. Once your ecommerce company has grown to a certain size, you might realize that you need a little extra help. While running an ecommerce company typically yields less overhead, a virtual receptionist could be worth the splurge.

Virtual service staff

Virtual receptionist services are typically very cost-effective in comparison with outright hiring a receptionist. The reason for this is because you can hire a receptionist to work when you need them to. For example, you might only need a receptionist for nights and weekends.

Virtual receptionists will often bundle their pricing into time blocks, meaning you can buy a block of time and schedule it when needed. This ensures that a virtual receptionist is there to field calls, take messages, and handle other duties when you need them the most. A virtual receptionist can often help with other duties, which might include emailing clients and customers and offering light customer support, as well as scheduling appointments and more.

Of course, you can hire a virtual phone answering service to handle strictly calls. Forwarding services will field calls and ensure that only priority calls get to you at certain hours.

Running an ecommerce business has so many benefits. The overhead is low, the margins are higher. You don’t usually have to worry about the same level of regulation that other companies have to worry about, and you most likely get to pick and choose your schedule, to a certain degree.

Finding the right place to base your ecommerce business operations might just be your biggest problem at the moment. Running an ecommerce business from home isn’t always the right choice, especially when there’s a team involved. Renting, leasing, or buying larger facilities isn’t always feasible because the costs of those can quickly become too much of a burden. Plus, those contracts aren’t conducive to scaling.

Another interesting alternative to finding the right base for your ecommerce business operations is actually simpler than you might imagine.

Have you ever heard of a coworking space? These spaces let you rent the space you need, usually by the month. This space could include conference rooms, isolated offices, and workdesks. Keep in mind, there’s usually not a contract involved. That means you can get the space you need without having to spend a chunk of your budget. So far, that sounds like a winner!

But what about amenities and features? What about resources?

Many coworking spaces actually offer everything you need to keep your ecommerce company going strong. For instance, coworking facilities offer fast wi-fi. That means you can upload, download, video chat, and email to your heart’s content.

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Coworking spaces also often offer receptionist services built right in, meaning that you can get someone to help field calls and communicate with clients without paying too much extra. In addition, you can get some of those administrative tasks taken care of, like printing, copying, and faxing.

You’d be surprised at how fancy these coworking spaces can be. They often feature lavish interiors, decor, and furniture. Many often meeting spaces and conference rooms, meaning you can bring your clients in for sit downs as needed. The popularity of coworking spaces is on the rise, and they’re starting to feature cafes, gaming centers, and other relaxation-oriented amenities.


Running an ecommerce business is truly appealing, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably already made up your mind. The decision on where to base your ecommerce business operations doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker!

If you want to find a spot that doesn’t eat up your bottom line but also provides all the help and services you need, there are plenty of options out there. You can pick just a virtual receptionist or virtual phone answering service, or you can choose a coworking space – it just depends on your needs!