7 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of a Call Center

Every large company looking to know what their customers’ need also rely on call centers. Call centers are a way to provide customers to describe what they want, express their disappointments, and suggest improvements.

But most customers have expressed their frustrations with call centers as well. They hate being left on hold. In fact, 40% of customers say being left on hold is the most disappointing thing. They would rather be called back than being put on hold.

Call center staff serving customer

That said, let’s step the gas pedal to seven ways to improve the efficiency of a call center.

1. Find What Customers Are Looking For

You might have an excellent product or service that customers can’t get enough of, but that only doesn’t satisfy them. Every customer wants a personalized, timely, and simpler customer service that can solve their problems when needed.

They also want to resolve their issues, no matter how complicated it is, with self-service options. That’s not too much to ask.

2. Aim at Targets

There is a great feeling when you reward someone, and it all comes back to you. So, learn to reward what you expect to get back. Choose what your organization needs and aim for it.

Set your goals on hitting targets, encourage your staff, create an environment where they can self-develop so that they can please the customers. Motivating your team helps them work to their best.

3. Implement Coaching Sessions

Does your inbound call center receives negative comments from customers on the call? Maybe your staff missed some coaching sessions and didn’t get the opportunity to practice and boost their performance. Ongoing coaching helps to improve their skills, methods, and techniques.

Always educate your agents from time-to-time and encourage them to boost the image of your company and remember to monitor all calls. By monitoring the calls, they will be following the best protocols.

4. Increase Agent Interaction

The agents working on your call center are humans, and they have feelings too. There’re times they won’t feel valued and might not interact with the customers as they are supposed to.

They might also start wasting their time on useless activities and take longer breaks. Make your agents happy, as they will make your customers happier, and you will be the happiest of all.

Call center agents desktop

5. Improve the Desktops

Do you ever go around the office to see what your agents want to be improved? The agents might not send an SOS, but these things can cause high levels of agent frustrations, which culminates to customer frustrations.

You can start by looking for things in the market that can improve the agent’s desktop and make their work easier. These tools (hardware and software) can help agents with their interactions with customers.

6. Dedicate One Agent or a Team to Monitor Calls

Depending on a number of calls made to your call center by customers, you can assign one or several agents to call monitoring. It sets your managerial staff free and allows them to manage effectively.

Supervisors are enabled to focus on the mandate like managing the floor, planning and agent coaching.

7. Perform a Root Cause Analysis

Improving the efficiency of your call center also requires you to identify the real causes of some problems, and one of the best ways to do that is performing root-cause analysis.

Generally, it is seen that most of the problems are in Service, Policy, and Product categories.


Improving the efficiency of your call center begins with you followed by your managers, supervisors, and happy agents. If the customers aren’t satisfied, then your call center might be losing its purpose. You can end their frustration by organizing your team to work harder and provide quality services.