Utilising American Football Growth In The UK

While American Football and the NFL are massive in the US and the Super Bowl is the the biggest event of the year, it’s not so big elsewhere in the world. There’s been huge effort by the NFL to spread their brand and the sport to other countries, more specifically the UK.

Recently there’s been quite a lot of success, going off the attendance and the numbers of people catching the Super Bowl. Which is even more impressive to say that UK watchers must stay up to 4AM onwards depending on the length of some Super Bowls. The dedication to the sport is there, and the numbers are catching up.

NFL game

As a business or marketer, it’s important to pay attention to these growing trends, as one day you may see American Football plastered everywhere and wonder why you didn’t jump on the wagon when it was starting off.

The Rise Of NFL In The UK

The sport is growing in the UK for several reasons, mainly because of the NFLs big push in investment in the sport overseas. In the Jacamo infographic snippet below, you see that since 2007, the NFL has been providing NFL season games that are hosted in London. While they started off as just one game, it’s now grown to four games per season, selling out tickets within a matter of hours. Just as recently as 2017, the attendance numbers were shattered at 316,988 people.

Along with the International games, the NFL has agreed with Tottenham Hotspur to a 10-year deal where they host 2 games per year. With dedicated American Football features included in the new stadium build, it’s a huge message that they’re here to stay.

NFL growth in the UK

What’s In It for My Business?

Now you may be asking, how does this affect me and my business? It’s always important to stay aware of trends that may be occurring around Britain and ensuring that your business is on the right side if that trend continues upwards, rather than on the outside looking inward.

Whether you offer a product or a service, American Football covers multiple industries, meaning that it’s very unlikely that your business cannot take advantage of its growth here in the UK. Naturally, some businesses are very specific in nature and not every single business can align themselves to sport.

At the NFL International games, several businesses come together to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to American Football fans. Whether you serve food, provide clothing, security or provide support for events, you’ll most likely be able to offer your product or services.

Kid with hotdog at NFL London game 2017
photo credit: Ian Hughes / Flickr

With NFL games most likely on the increase in the coming years, it may make way for London’s very own NFL team forming. While this is a long way off and currently in the rumour mill, this could be an excellent opportunity to get involved by being there at the base level as the team is created. Making it so that your brand is synonymous with the NFL in the UK.

Along with looking to join in on the official NFL events, why not look at supporting your local University team. Youth development of the sport is on the rise, with most Universities having their own dedicated American Football team. Competing in tournaments around the country, it’s only going to get bigger as the NFL grows.

Getting your business involved in youth development is an excellent way of spreading your brand and ensuring that your business is always the first to go to when people talk about American Football within the UK.


Whatever your business may provide or sell, the growth of American Football in the UK is a great opportunity to gain a dedicated and large customer-base. Whether you invest in the league itself or support your local university team, you’ll be sure to see some valuable returns.