JD.com Launching An Exciting New Promotion That Is Going To Feature The Beloved Transformers Franchise

Since its founding during the late 1990s, JD.com has built one of the most successful models for retail and e-commerce business in the world today. The firm holds the distinction of China’s largest business in these two important sectors.

JD - Transformers collaboration

Boundaryless Retail

The team at JD.com has been making major efforts over the last few years to continue to upgrade and revolutionize the company’s impressive supply and logistical network in order to provide its customers with what is being referred to as Boundaryless Retail.

The entire focus behind Boundaryless Retail is the idea that customers at JD.com should be able to get their products when and where they want them and they should be able to get them fast.

JD.com truly has been revolutionizing the retail and e-commerce sectors by utilizing a combination of live couriers and automated delivery systems. Much of this impressive work was recently on display at the fabulous Consumer Electronics Show that was held in the U.S. city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Return of Brick-and-mortar

JD.com has also been changing the face of retail and e-commerce by partnering with companies that still operate in the traditional sphere of retail. This has been working out great because it automatically boosts the level of goods and services JD.com can provide and it provides a massive increase in revenue for these partner businesses. Through this innovative program, partner businesses are able to make use of the incredible network of logistics and supply chain that JD.com utilizes in order to keep its business running at peak levels of efficiency.

JD.com store
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The brick and mortar style of business is getting a new lease on life in China now that JD.com is offering this outstanding new program. It is also giving JD.com a great deal of ability to increase its offerings in areas such as fresh foods. It is another way that the company is working diligently to rewrite the face of retail and e-commerce business across China.

Partnerships and Collaborations

One of the most recent promotions that JD.com has recently announced involves the world-famous and beloved Transformers franchise. In particular, it involves the Transformers character of Bumblebee. This promotion comes with the upcoming Chinese release of the new Transformers film that features the Bumblebee character.

In order to offer this great promotion to its massive customer base, JD.com has teamed up with Hasbro toys and Paramount Pictures. This three-way partnership will provide the possibility to make the new Bumblebee promotion a reality.

The new Transformers film will feature Bumblebee and it is going to be set in the year of 1987. JD.com collaborated with Paramount Pictures in order to celebrate this new film and the put out a set of three new short clips in regard to the film.

This collective effort is not the first JD.com partnership involving the Transformers franchise. In 2017, JD.com partnered up with Hasbro to release a mini short that was for Mission Red.

This latest promotion stands as another great opportunity for JD.com to bring its customers a great promotion that features characters that they have come to know and to love.

The film premier for the new Transformers production has also featured a Bumblebee themed day in which JD.com will offer some great sales promotions. There will be great merchandise from Panasonic, HLA and Hasbro that will have a great Bumblebee theme.

This is great news for JD.com’s customer base that exceeds more than 300 million individuals.