How To Find The Right Logistics Company

If you are looking to hire a logistics company, you may be wondering where to start. From contacting a couple to actually hiring one, it may seem like a large task in front of you.

Luckily, the experts at Packair are here to explain exactly how you can find a logistics company that is trustworthy and that you will have a good experience with. Keep reading to learn more.


First Step: Shortlist Companies

The first step is to make a list of your options. That way when you find some things about one of the logistics company that you like, you can make the note on the list so you don’t get confused between the companies.

If you find a company that you don’t like or does not fit your requirements, you can simply cross them off your list and that way you will also remember not to look into them further.

Ask Questions – Plenty of Those

Firstly, you need to look into the capabilities of the logistics company. What can they do? How can they help you? Is your job too big for them? Ultimately, you need to make sure the company can fit your business’s needs.

Are they a short-term solution for you or are they someone you can turn to in the future for assistance? This means you want to look into the future too. What does your business look like it will need in a year from now, or perhaps two years from now? Will that company still work for you and your needs at that time? You don’t just want to look into a company that will work for you right now but one that will work in the future.

That is why it’s a good idea to ask questions that will give you these answers. For example, you can ask the company questions if you are growing what they will do.

Find out from each company what if means to them if you have time-sensitive items what they will do for them. Find out how many other clients they have and if you will be pushed down in priority or how it works for them. These are all questions that are very important in finding a logistics company that works for you and you will be happy with.

Finally, you also want to ask them about their trucks and if they have dedicated trucks for assets. A logistics company should have a 3PL division as well for you.

How’s Their Customer Service?

Like any company, customer service is so important. This will help you feel secure that your business is in good hands.

It can sometimes be hard to know right away if the company has great customer service. This is because they always want to put their best foot forward at the beginning.

With that said, try and use your best judgment and gut instinct if they are trying to be too much of a salesman, rushing you off the phone, or not really listening to your questions. Those things will be indicators that the company does not have the best customer service.

Consider this: If they don’t have the best customer service now, you can imagine it will only decline over time.

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What’s Their Safety Record Like?

Since the climate is always changing from place to place as well as the terrain that will be on, it’s important that a safety record is kept for each carrier. Make sure you review these records and ratings online for the company.

It’s important to know if the company will be around for your long-term. This is especially important if you are looking a couple years into the future for your own business.

Are they a stable company? Have they been around for a while and seem to have a good business model going for them? Try and look these things up if you are looking for the company to be able to assist you for years to come.

Are They Reputable?

What is the company’s reputation that you are looking at? One of the best ways to find this is to go online if you don’t know anyone that has used them in the past.

Find past reviews by others just like you. Make sure you don’t just look at the rating but read the reviews and why they put what they did. You can look at websites such as Google and the Better Business Bureau to find honest and reliable reviews. If you do know anyone that has used a logistics company in the past, this is a great resource to find who they used, if they liked them or if they would recommend another company.

Getting other people’s advice is always a great way to find an honest and reliable company.

Cost considerations

The final consideration when choosing a logistics company is the cost. Like anything, we need to budget and factor in the cost. Make sure you ask each company if there are any hidden fees or anything that would make the bill be larger than what they estimate it to be.

It’s always nice choosing a cheaper company but if they are inexpensive for the wrong reasons then this can end up costing you more money and a big headache.

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As you can see, there are quite a few factors that go into finding a good and reliable logistics company. It will all be worth it though. Be patient and make sure you contact a couple different logistics companies and don’t just rush into hiring the first one you find online.