6 Ways To Improve Employee Performance (Without Giving A Raise)

There is a common misconception that throwing extra money at employees is guaranteed to give them a good reason to work hard, but this is not the case. Whilst a pay rise is important, especially when it comes to rewarding loyalty and longevity, money isn’t everything.

Employees, in particular millennials, are looking for more than money. They prize many other factors, some of which we will touch upon in this article. Improve your employee performance and you automatically give your bottom line a healthy nudge in the right direction.

Happy and engaged employee

Some research mentioned in an article in the Irish Times found that improved employee engagement boosted a company’s profits by a considerable margin. This offers a significant return for companies willing to go the extra mile and focus on creating a positive employee experience.

If you are hoping to increase employee performance in the workplace, read on.

Say “Thank You”

It costs nothing to say “thank you” when an employee goes above and beyond the call of duty. Unfortunately, many bosses and managers take diligent, hard-working employees for granted.

When an employee has worked hard and you’re happy with their performance, a simple “thank you for your hard work” goes a long way. This shows the person you recognize their efforts and appreciate their hard work.

Try and remember to say “thank you” each and every time one of your team go the extra mile, stays late, or helps you out in an emergency. It’s a small gesture, but they are more likely to continue to work hard if you thank them.

Create a Supportive Environment

Employees need a supportive environment if they are to improve. People can’t learn new skills unless they are nurtured by management. If you want to improve your employees’ performance, give them the opportunity to learn new skills.

Give employees the opportunity to do extra training, either related to their job or as part of their personal development. You don’t necessarily need to fund their college degree, but it is a good idea to give them the opportunity to study for new qualifications that will help them do their job better.

This benefits both of you.

In addition, let employees know they can come to you if they need help and support.

Healthy business cafeteria

Encourage Health and Happiness

Happy, healthy employees perform better in the workplace. It is in your interests to make it easier for employees to have a healthy lifestyle.

Actively encourage employees to cycle to work if they live within a reasonable traveling distance. Negotiate corporate gym memberships with a local gym. Offer healthy living health checks to keep employees on the straight and narrow.

It is a good idea to provide healthy office snacks in the workplace. Offering a healthy office snacks service tells your employees you appreciate them. They can pick up some energy bars or graze on fresh fruit and nuts when they need an energy boost.

If you are unsure of the merits of office snack services, read this blog written by Bevi.co, which explains more about the pros and cons of office snacks. Bevi is a leading supplier of beverages in the workplace, so they know their stuff!

Reward Good Performance

It is a good idea to reward employees when their performance merits recognition. You don’t have to give them a raise to let them know you are pleased with them. A small token of appreciation, such as a hamper or gift card is often enough to make a real difference and encourage the person to work even harder.

Set up a performance-related bonus scheme. When employees or teams reach set targets, reward them with a pizza night or an extra day’s holiday. This type of reward is often very successful, plus it doesn’t cost as much in the long-term.

Abundant leadership

Demonstrate Good Leadership

Employees are more likely to work harder when they have a fair, wise leader showing them the way forward.

You can’t expect people to work hard if you don’t demonstrate good leadership. Lead from the front, and if you ask employees to put in some overtime, join them. Show them that you are willing to join them in the trenches. This fosters respect and a sense of team spirit.

Build Team Spirit

Teamwork is vital in a productive workplace. If your employees don’t work together as a team, it affects productivity across the board.

Schedule in some teambuilding exercises to help the team bond. These can range from a fun evening down at the local bowling alley to a full-on corporate survivalist adventure in a National Park. The direction you take is up to you and the types of people you work with.

If you are having productivity issues, try to identify the root cause. Remember, it can take time to improve performance levels, so consider this a long-term project.