7 Tips To Help You Keep IT Projects Under Control

Today, more than ever, there is an overwhelming number of competitors that organizations must stay ahead of. One of these races is keeping IT projects (and budgets) under control. This isn’t even scratching the surface of one of the projects management has: from building a vision to making that vision a reality, as well as hiring the right people to execute that vision using the right technology.

IT project management

Here are several methods for keeping IT projects under control.

1. Celebrate Milestones

Create milestones (goals) for your team. When one of these milestones are passed, acknowledge your team’s achievement and celebrate with them! This is a phenomenal way of keeping track of the project’s progress and provides insight into places where optimization needs to occur.

2. SaaS

There’s no denying that cognitive service management, delivered via a SaaS, would make things much easier down the road. Depending on the tech you use, you could stand to make more cost-effective choices using multiple devices on across many multi-channel departments.

3. Make a Realistic Plan

There’s no such thing as “planning too much”, especially in instances where the scope of the project isn’t taken into consideration. Holding consecutive meetings to plan an unbreakable strategy is crucial, because we have a tendency to shoot for the moon when we should have been shooting for the sky.

4. Manage Change

Remember, the original scope of your project may—and probably will—change. Learning to adapt to these changes will keep your foot in the game. Jaimin Doshi says, “Use, change, control forms to analyze the impact of the changes with respect to time and cost.” Changes will occur period.

Casual businesswomen using cloud computing

5. Multi-Cloud Consulting

Service management beings with multi-cloud migration services. If your company hasn’t implemented using the cloud, it may as well already be forgotten in the dust. Why businesses should use cloud is beyond the scope of what we’re talking about today.

Let’s move forward: getting your entire organization to the cloud is imperative – without it, IT projects fall behind – Dead! Evade the mayhem and drama by taking advantage of a multi-cloud optimization service such as those provided by BMC Service Management. Depending on the business that utilizes this technology, you will be able to identify (and achieve) a large percentage of savings. These services analyze fact-driven algorithms and methodologies for coming to these conclusions.

6. Staff

A team that doesn’t work together isn’t a team at all – and your project will be dead in the water quicker than Meg Ryan makes hearts melt. One way to prevent this from happening is to refuse overburdening any one of your staff members with a series of tasks. No matter how specialized they are in a specific area, “dumping” all of those areas’ tasks onto that person will short-circuit their brain.

7. Strengths

How well do you know their team? You know, hopefully, what their “secret-weapon” strengths are. Do you know what their weaknesses are? Do you know which one of your staff needs constant guidance and motivation – and which one can be left free to fly? Manage those different personality types according to how they perform best and do your best not to cripple their spark.


IT projects, as difficult or complex as they may seem, can be managed. With digital transformation of our age making things easier these days, enterprise IT teams now have the ability to complete projects as the company seems fit. However, it cannot be said enough: embrace AI and automation. It is the way forward.