6 Tips to Write Effective Video Marketing Scripts

According to a recent survey published by Google (Think With Google), around 50% of the total internet users are looking for suitable video marketing commercials for making purchases online. In fact, a staggering 80% of the users believe that video ads influence their choice of purchase.

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When it comes to corporate video production, getting the right video marketing scripts is of the essence. This is because the viewers are able to relate better with video content as compared to written advertisements.

1. Start with the offers

While video marketing might be on the rise, you have to include a lot of interesting offers and discount upfront in order to keep the viewers interested. This is very different from written content where you can spend a lot of content talking about the product first.

In here, the idea is to start off on a high with the viewers. So, you could first flash the upcoming discount or offer and then get to the actual content. Since this method keeps the viewers engaged, this method is known to have better conversion rates.

2. Get the customer profile right

Video commercials can be tricky. More often than not, the kind of video script you have will vary from person to person. So, the best idea here is to have a general idea of what your customer base is going to be like.

For instance, if your product is geared towards the youth, you could set up the video script accordingly. On the other hand, something that hopes to appeal to the senior citizen age group would need a different script.

It is difficult to appeal to all age groups with the same video content. Hence, you could first determine the customer base and then select the right script.

3. Keep it short

When we suggest keeping the video commercials short, we mean 30-60 seconds short! Well, you might ask, what can we possibly depict in this short a timeline? The idea is simple: Keep your video short and simple.

The 30-60 second time frame is long enough to make your point but short enough such that the viewers do not lose interest and shut it off. In this, it is essential to focus on the key points like the features of the product that could benefit the customers and the offers available on purchase. These ideas are enough to help make those important conversions!

4. Get the tone right

One of the most important aspects of video scripts is the tone. From a business perspective, you have to get it right. The tone should, once again, be based on the kind of audience you want to cater to.

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For instance, it is ideal to stick to a more casual tone, with generalized vocabulary if you intend on appealing to a large audience. However, if the product is technical and you are catering to a B2B audience, then some professional jargons and advanced vocabulary are key to it. Basically, the tone and the language should vary with each audience class.

5. The perfect call to action

While we mentioned that the video should start off with the description of an offer or upcoming discount, the same script should end with a proper call to action statement.

This way, you would have already explained the product to the user and about the potential offers. Thus, this is when you give them a chance to interact with the website or the product in question. A call to action statement could well make or break the whole video commercial.

Hence, it requires a lot of attention and has to be perfect. It could be something as simple as, “Share it with your friends” or “Contact us for more offers”. However, in order to make it more interesting, you could also add something like, “Share it with your friends to get additional discounts!” This works great to keep the user interested and also spread the word.

6. Brand your video

Finally, after all the important content that you can include in the video commercial, it is time to talk about its branding. Your video should look and feel like it is from a particular brand. What does this mean exactly? For instance, there are some users who are not even focusing on the video and get to hear about it in the passing.

The right kind of keywords and statements should be used such that the users are aware of the product and the company. This would include special catchphrases, brand slogans, brand working and everything else that can identify your company. This is what is key to getting the right customers for your products. Sometimes, if the slogan becomes popular, the viewers can usually relate to it all the time.