Wedding Biz Tools: How to Use Drones in A Wedding Videography

The world is evolving, and there are new inventions every single year. If you run a wedding organizer or photography/videography business, you must be aware that technology can give you an edge over your competitors. One of the most disruptive technologies is the use of drone for video content creation – including in events like weddings.

Indeed, gone are the days when the only way photographers and videographer would capture wedding scenes was from the ground. Whenever they wanted to aerial view an event, they had to hire planes or cranes. But not anymore today.

Drone for wedding photography-videography aerial view
photo credit: Youtube

Now you can offer wedding shoots from a different perspective: Aerial view. Professional drones have taken over the market, and it couldn’t be as easier to capture the best shots from the sky. The problem is how to use them in the right way at weddings.

We are about to discover how to use a drone to take videos at a wedding.

Don’t Allow the Drone to Interfere but Augment

When you are about to film a wedding, remember that the drone should augment and not interfere with the ongoing ceremony. Although it’s easily said, it’s hard to apply. The spinning propellers make some loud noises enough to make guests deaf or attract their attention.

You should use the drone at a high altitude so that it captures everything quietly without distracting the attendees. Drones aren’t built for a close-up shot but epic long shots from a hardly noticeable height. If you use the drone in the right way, you will be able to obtain jaw-breaking long shots that will capture even the landscapes.

Use it Outside

Drones can fly inside a building, but it’s risky. For event videography, you should use them outside to ensure that the drones aren’t at risk of hitting anything. Drones also emit noise which isn’t safe for the guests.

Using a drone outside will capture many details of a wedding including the property, the landscape. What if the wedding is happening on a boat? Well, a drone will be the perfect tool to capture those moments.

Check the Rules and Whether You Need Permission to Fly

Before flying a drone, you must research about the area where the wedding will be held. Drones are banned from some areas such as airports, national parks, or restricted areas like government offices. You can attract a lot of trouble if you fly it around such areas.

So, before accepting to take videos of a wedding, ask where the wedding will be held and check the location and rules. You will know whether you have to take permission from the relevant institutions or persons before the event. If you have to ask permission, do it as soon as possible because sometimes it takes longer to get a green signal.

Adjust the Camera Settings and Use Different Photo Modes

A drone-camera has many options and settings that you can configure to your satisfaction. You can add a touch of creativity to your videography by adjusting those settings and taking advantage of the different video modes.

One of the features you can try is the slow shutter speed to capture a video of water moving while you draw the attention of the viewers to the newlyweds in the video. You can use affordable drones depending on how much you have and still get the best shots.

Get Creative

Drones are versatile, and you can make your wedding shots unique. For example, you can ask guests to form shapes, words or the heart symbol and capture the image. A videographer can’t be everywhere all the time, but with a drone, his or her eyes can be in every corner of the event.

You can use the drone to capture the bride’s entrance and the exit of the couple after the ceremony and include the fantastic surroundings. Unlike a camera in your hand, a drone can communicate about the excitement and record the intimacy of the new couple.


Always remember that safety comes first when operating a drone and you should always be extra careful especially during events and weddings. Also, it’s not okay to fly your drone when it’s raining or windy and pay attention to the rules and regulations so you don’t have to worry about.