Top Renters Insurance Companies According To Consumers In 2019

So many take for granted the importance of renters insurance. It’s common to believe the landlord will cover significant problems that may arise. Unfortunately, it’s not always so.

Because so many go without this type of coverage in America, (some stats quoting a whopping 41% in major metropolitan areas), it’s clear there’s a misunderstanding on how valuable it is. More shocking, a survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International reported that 66% of millennials rent their homes and of that subset, 70% don’t have renters insurance.

Of that 70% with no coverage, 41% admitted to not knowing how it works!

Renters insurance guide

Because of all of the confusion, shopping and researching the best renters insurance plan can be tricky. Luckily, Clearsurance has graded top renters insurance companies through a rigorous and unique ranking process based entirely on consumer feedback; combining the overall rating of the company along with customer service, policy renewals, and recommendations. They’ve also nixed those companies from the list that have less than 100 renters insurance reviews during 2018 to ensure the sample size is significant enough.

With data purely based on customer satisfaction and reviews, it’s incredibly helpful for those wanting an unbiased opinion.

So, which renters insurance companies made the list? Read on.


  • Clearsurance score: 4.78
  • Number of reviews: 264 reviews
  • Claims service rating: 4.73

USAA is known for its unparalleled service across the board as their car and homeowners insurance is also highly rated. What makes them stand out amongst the rest is that their standard policies all include flood and earthquake coverage. The catch? USAA is only available to active and former military members and their families.

State Farm

  • Clearsurance score: 4.45
  • Number of reviews: 708 reviews
  • Claims service rating: 4.25

With the most reviews on Clearsurance, State Farm leaps out to consumers. They offer multiple discounts to policyholders who have other insurance through the company, as well as renters who have home monitoring systems such as smoke detectors or alarm systems.


  • Clearsurance score: 4.44
  • Number of reviews: 422 reviews
  • Claims service rating: 4.31

Thanks to their new advertising campaign in 2018, Geico renters insurance has become a top insurer for leaseholders. Like State Farm, they also offer multi-policy discounts and have in-home safety features. It’s important to note that Geico sells renters insurance through other licensed insurance companies.


  • Clearsurance score: 4.31
  • Number of reviews: 463 reviews
  • Claims service rating: 4.25

With aggressive discounts and thousands of captive agents, it’s no wonder Allstate has made the list. Not only do they give rebates to those who hold other insurance policies as well as home safety features, but they also have a claim-free discount for policyholders that can be up to 20% each year!


  • Clearsurance score: 4.27
  • Number of reviews: 262 reviews
  • Claims service rating: 4.14

One of the largest car insurance companies in America, Progressive rounds off this top five list. Offering discounts of 5% or more if you bundle with auto insurance, renters can save a quick buck. They also give rebates to those who receive quotes in advance, pay in full or sign up for a paperless service. Like Geico, they sell their renters insurance through other licensed insurance companies.