6 Reasons Your Business Needs Power BI

Running a business in the 21st century isn’t just about offering a great product or service to your clients. You also have to be great at analyzing and managing data to stay competitive in almost any industry. If you aren’t able to hire an employee dedicated solely to data analysis, then having a software solution that can do the work for you is the next best solution.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence software with a powerful array of features. It helps businesses to analyze both internal and external data streams and generate important insights based on that data. Microsoft Power BI has been recognized as a leader among business intelligence software platforms for the past 12 years.

If you’ve never used business intelligence software, or you’re unhappy with your company’s current systems for data analysis, you should consider integrating Power BI into your processes.

Microsoft Power BI

Here are 6 reasons your business needs Microsoft Power BI:

1. Affordable

“How much is this going to cost?” is generally the first question on anyone’s mind when it comes to adding new systems. One of the great things about Power BI is that it can be set up with no initial cost. The basic version is free for anyone to download and use to analyze data and generate insights. If you need access to more powerful tools in the program, you can upgrade for just $9.95 per user. There’s also an option for a capacity license if you need to be able to share information outside your organization.

2. Easy-to-Use

Since Microsoft products are used by more than a billion people in today’s workforce, most office workers are comfortable with the features and ease-of-use offered by Microsoft’s products. Power BI is part of the Microsoft 365 platform, which means users will have a much lower learning curve than with another type of business intelligence software. Less time spent onboarding reduces user frustration and total costs, as well as making the integration of the software into daily processes much simpler.

3. Simple Integrations

Being built on the familiar Microsoft platform also means that Power BI seamlessly integrates into programs your business is probably already using, such as Excel. Since it’s already compatible with those systems, you won’t have to waste resources converting files to make them work with Power BI.

Power BI integrates seamlessly with most software

4. Encourages Teamwork

Power BI offers powerful tools that allow and even encourage people to collaborate and share information across teams, across the organization, and beyond. Team members can access and update information on-the-go, so decisions can be made in real-time.

If your business model requires sharing of specific data outside of your organization, Power BI offers solutions for that as well. Most importantly, Power BI allows you to control who has access to different types of information, both inside and outside the company. The built-in information security features take many of the headaches out of the data protection process because you can easily manage everything within Power BI.

5. Scalable

No matter your business size, or the amount of data you need to analyze, Microsoft Power BI can be a useful tool. Its ease-of-use and scalability mean it can be useful on both small and large scales. A simple Google search will show you many people are using Power BI to track their personal finances. In contrast, companies such as Hewlett Packard, the Seattle Seahawks, Aston Martin, and the Associated Press are using it to analyze billions of data points every day. No matter how big or small your data analysis needs are, Microsoft Power BI can provide powerful insights.

6. Versatile

There’s almost no limit to the type or amount of data that Power BI can help you analyze to find insights into your market, your business itself, or your customers. You can use it to understand how things are operating with your business in real-time, or you can analyze years of historical data to make realistic future projections. Whatever data analysis needs your business has, it’s likely that Power BI offers a useful solution.

There’s no question that today’s business world is completely driven by data. If you’re not using the data available to you efficiently, there’s a very real risk your business could be left behind. Microsoft Power BI offers a powerful solution for analyzing business intelligence and gaining important insights. Power BI is an important business tool that can help your business keep up and even get ahead of the competition. If you’re struggling with any area of data analysis or business intelligence, Microsoft Power BI can provide some real solutions.


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