How Do You Know Your Business Needs A Tech Upgrade?

Technology can have a transformative effect on a business. Whether you’re a small business or a big organisation, you can use technology to develop and grow your business. But are you sure you’re using the right up-to-date technology? In the technology world nothing stays the same for long. There are constant updates and additions that businesses must learn to keep up with.

If you don’t, you end up creating problems – slow working tech, security breaches and the like can all happen as a result. But it’s not always easy to know if your business needs a tech upgrade. Old and insufficient technology doesn’t usually just die. In order to understand your company’s technology landscape, you must look out for the warning signs. Here are the four major signs your business is in a need of a tech upgrade.

Time for a laptop upgrade

1. Your tech is starting to slow down

One of the most obvious signs is technology slowdown. If your employees have to wait minutes to start a computer or to use software, you are looking at an old piece of technology. The problem with the slowdown is the fact that it ends up wasting up a lot of time and hurting productivity. Your employees will collectively start wasting time, which will eventually build up and show in your bottom line.

It’s not just the productivity that might take a hit with old technology. You might actually end up with a lot more system errors, failures to connect and sudden shutdowns. These can all happen because your technology is getting old. This will hurt productivity but also has the potential to lead to data loss. This kind of thing can interrupt or even damage your business.

If your technology is slow, your applications are not responding or you find your hardware or software shutting down unexpectedly, then it’s time to upgrade.

2. Your company is not the same size it once was

Your business technology is most likely old and in need of an upgrade, if you bought it when your company employed 10 people and now you have 100. In fact, even if you’re still the small-size company but your revenue has doubled, you’re still going to need an upgrade. Why? Because as your company grows, whether through employees, product line or income, your technology needs will change. Your small business HR software needs to reflect the hundreds of new employees you hired and your accounting software must understand your new international income.

There are many such examples of things changing and your technology has to reflect that. It’s not only your company that’s growing and changing either. The world around you is also in constant transformation and your technology must always reflect and respond to this. For example, compliance issues are a real bit thing – think about the new EU GDPR rules that don’t just impact European companies but also those working in the Middle East.

If your company has grown and it’s still using the same technology it used when it started, then you better start upgrading. Look for scalable technology that’s constantly evolving with the times.

Company growth requires constant tech upgrades

3. Your technology is not “talking” to each other

Compatibility is a huge issue in the modern world. Big Data can help companies of all size and your business must use it to its advantage. But taking advantage of data requires your technology to speak with each other. You need the smartphones connecting with the computers and you want the HR software to talk to your accounting software.

If you don’t have software compatibility, then you can’t utilise data to the fullest effect. Your employees won’t have the best feedback structures and communication is hindered. It can even lead to security problems because you might start sharing data through other, less secure means.

If you are having issues with compatibility, then you must invest in technology and software upgrades. These will boost your data gathering and your productivity.

4. Your employees are not always in the office

Any business that’s using remote working is doing it right. Studies consistently show the benefits of flexible work and allowing your employees to work from home or outside of the office is great. What’s more, most of today’s businesses don’t just have employees working in the office anyway. Remote workers, casual employees and contract workers are part of the modern business. But does your technology reflect this?

If your technology is not in the cloud or using cloud as part of its function, then you are in a need of an upgrade. The cloud offers everyone the chance to be part of the workplace without having to physically be present. What’s even better is how it provides enhanced security for your business as well and makes future upgrading easier.

employee out of the office using smartphone


If your business ticks all, or even one of these boxes, you definitely need to look into upgrading your technology right now!