Relaxation Rooms & Reasons Your Company Should Follow This Trend

Relaxation Rooms & Reasons Your Company Should Follow This Trend

Every successful business has a few things in common with the rest of their peers: they are all reliable, punctual, detail-oriented, value their clients, are not afraid to experiment and take risks in order to further improve and evolve, etc. But the most common denominator is probably a healthy working environment.

If you are running a company which puts a great deal of effort in keeping the clients happy, you wouldn’t want to withhold that from your fellow colleagues as well. This is the main reason why you want to include various incentives and stimuli which increase everyday productivity and keep the employees pleased and gratified.

Office break room

One of the best ways to do this is by adding a relaxation room to your workplace. In case you already have one (and chances are that you do have, especially in this day and age), then you can always try to upgrade and make that space more appealing and essentially more relaxing and stress-relieving.

Relaxation Room as a Perfect Place For Brainstorming

You know how they say that the best segment of a party always takes place in the kitchen? The same can be said about the company’s relaxation room. People are always fluctuating in this particular area and those who stay there to chat for a bit are bound to have a business-related talks from time to time. Those exchanges can be proven beneficial in many aspects. Casual dialogues like that can really spark a meaningful conversation and lead to some great ideas.

Community Space

Even if the discussions like these don’t happen all the time, you still don’t want to banish or relegate the interaction between your employees. Although it may look like a meaningless chit-chat (or even gossip) from the outside perspective and a complete waste of time business-wise, be sure to remember that those confabulations and exchanges are making people more relaxed, unclenched and ready for work when they return to their regular working places.

Interactions that happen during breaks are really uniting people in a natural, organic way that no team-building event can simulate. Nothing can replace an unconstrained, casual talk between people. When colleagues from different departments are creating a certain type of bond over pieces of daily news or workaday themes, you have to enjoy the site as a company’s leader.

Coffee, Soft Drinks, Snacks, and Fruit: Relaxation Room’s Essentials

Some of the most distinguished and prosperous companies already know the huge importance of break rooms. These spaces are a great way for people to interact, as we’ve already mentioned. But you also have to do your part and make these spots attractive and inviting or otherwise, they’ll just be there completely vacant and without all the murmur and buzz that creates a sought out and wanted a sense of community and congregation.

That’s why you want to offer your employees a variety of drinking and snacking choices to choose from. Have all kinds of soft drinks and refreshments at your worker’s disposal (free of charge). Put an espresso coffee machine as fundamental and much-needed productivity and creativity fuel for everyone. Make sure that all the break room refreshments and snacks are high quality and healthy. Remember that you want the employees to feel good and energized, not sluggish and laggard.

Colleagues in a games room

Games and Relaxation-Oriented Work Places

Be aware of the fact that people are literally fighting to work for a company that treats them with respect and gives them a sense of freedom by trying to create a stress-free and more relaxed environment.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as more studies are showing that it’s not essentially about the hours you put in, but about what you put in those hours. The idea behind everything is to be more productive. And if a person is more productive when it’s happy and pleased (this really shouldn’t come as a surprise), it doesn’t matter how many hours she or he set at their desk. It shouldn’t be about punching the clock – at least not anymore.

That’s why it’s so crucial to create a warm, welcoming, home-like working ambience. In many companies today, relaxation rooms are becoming game rooms more and more. If you have enough space, put a pool table, darts, table tennis or simply some board games in your relaxation room. Those mental breaks are really going to do wonders for everyone.

Employees mingling in a relaxation room


By paying more attention to your relaxation room you will definitely see all the benefits of having a stress-free working surrounding. Employees will avoid burnout as a direct result of communicating freely with their colleagues, playing games with each other during breaks and if the top quality snacks and refreshments are available, they’ll get back at their working places full of joy and cheerfulness.

That kind of energy always translates to the betterment of the company.

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