The Dos And Don’ts Of Serving Food In A Trade Show Booth

There is no question that trade shows are a great way to get a business’s name out to the masses. Something that is becoming more and more popular in trade show boots is to serve much more than just mints and candy.

When a company goes beyond what is expected, they have the opportunity to stand out on the floor and to increase the traffic that comes to their booth. The fact is, walking through a trade show is a hunger-inducing activity. Businesses and booths that offer a respite are a welcome site to most weary attendees.

Food and drinks at trade shows

If a trade show presenter has plans to offer food, there are a few do’s and don’ts they need to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more here.

Do Take Advantage of the Branding Opportunity

Everything a business hands out at their booth is a branding opportunity. This is one of the first things to keep in mind when designing or buying exhibit displays, but it is also something that applies to food and beverages given away.

While serving cookies is great, a person needs to consider how they can turn this into a branding opportunity. One option is to wrap them in wax paper that’s imprinted with the company’s logo, or to serve them on a napkin with the business’s logo on it.

For water bottles, serve them with customized stickers. Coffee can be served with branded coffee sleeves, and popcorn can be given out in branded bags. The options are endless.

Do Make Sure to Leverage the Smell Factor

This is somewhat of a delicate line to walk. While the smell of delicious chocolate chip cookies may draw in some people, if the smell is overpowering, it may actually make people turn away.

Make sure to produce a smell that’s appealing, but not too much. This may take some time and research to figure out, but it can be effective.

Don’t Serve Food That’s Too Messy

Walking through a tradeshow with a bag full of giveaways and bottled water in one hand, the last thing most people want is a plate of messy food. Don’t make this mistake.

Instead, choose some type of finger food. This is going to be easy to eat and eliminate the mess factor.

Beverages at trade show

Do Think About Serving Beverages

There are several compelling reasons to avoid serving any type of alcoholic beverage at a trade show booth. However, if this is allowed, most trade show goers appreciate a high-quality wine or beer.

This may be the perfect opportunity to give a nod to the show’s location or to the company’s hometown. If an alcoholic beverage is not an option, then consider a specialty soda or quality coffee.

Make a Mark at the Next Trade Show Event

If a business wants to ensure they make a name for itself at the next trade show they choose to display at, then they should consider implementing some of the tips found here. Doing so will pay off in the long run and help ensure that those attending the event are drawn to the booth and that they tell others about the giveaways present.

Using food and beverage giveaways can help any business stand out from the crowd.