6 Best Social Platforms For B2B PR Coin Startups

Not all cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based platforms are designed for consumers. Recently, entrepreneurs have been creating decentralized solutions for institutions, enterprises, governments, charities, and even universities. The rise of these enterprise blockchain solution providers is an indication of the progress the industry has made since the 2017 boom.

However, marketing to other businesses isn’t as straightforward as reaching out to consumers directly. Business-to-business marketing and PR for coin projects requires a modified strategy and a different tone of content to gain traction. Perhaps the most important element of a B2B marketing strategy is the choice of social platform.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still perhaps the only pure-business social media platform with mainstream adoption. In 2018, the platform had nearly 590 million monthly active users who all log on to either look for a job, promote their business, or gain new clients. No B2B PR coin strategy is complete without a dedicated LinkedIn content and community outreach element.

2. Twitter

Twitter wasn’t designed as a B2B tool, but its format and ease-of-access make it perfectly suitable for business and world leaders to interact with a wider audience. Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Changpeng Zhao are all examples of business leaders who’ve mastered the art of tweeting to promote a business or campaign. The data-driven, character-constrained platform is now a legitimate avenue for B2B marketing.

3. Facebook

What makes Facebook a great B2B platform for PR coin marketing is the exact same thing that makes it great for any other type of marketing – scale. With over 2 billion active users, no other platform comes close to matching Facebook’s sheer size and influence on global social interactions. Businesses can reach out to other businesses through the platform’s finely tuned advertising and video platforms. Perhaps the best way to reach out to other businesses is through their Facebook page.

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4. Slack

A messaging or productivity app isn’t the first choice for marketing, but that’s exactly what makes it so effective. Slack has quickly become one of the most popular workplace messaging apps in the world, with professionals and business leaders leveraging the app to manage their remote teams and stay connected with colleagues. However, businesses can use the channel feature to create and maintain online communities focused on specific topics. Buffer, for example, uses the #reading-room channel to connect with writers and content creators who love discussing books. Similarly, the Measure and Startup chat rooms are great places to connect with data scientists and startup founders.

5. Medium

Medium’s minimalism and ease-of-use make it the ideal platform for longform content marketing. Recently, the platform gained mainstream attention when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos used it to publish a public statement. In the crypto community, there’s probably no better platform for marketing to intellectually-curious and well-informed business leader than Medium.

6. Podcasts

Tim Ferriss, Stephen Dubner, Reid Hoffman, and Scott Galloway have all used podcasting masterfully to promote their businesses or ventures. The growing popularity of podcasts makes it fertile ground for creative marketing strategies. Podcast listeners are also likely to be young, affluent, and well-educated according to research by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. With a median income of $75,000, the average podcast listener perfectly fits the customer profile for a B2B sales pitch.