PrepAway Reveals Top Tips and Tricks for Passing Cisco CCNP R&S Exams

Have you earned your CCNA credential and don’t know what to do next? Are you going to stick with the associate-level certificate or you would rather move ahead to create a better platform for your career growth? Well, if you are reading this article right now, you are definitely ready to take your certification path a step higher.

After your CCNA, what is the next certificate to pursue? Naturally, it is CCNP – a professional-level credential that has different domains of expertise. One of these domains is CCNP Routing & Switching. With such a certification, you are equipped to take up job roles meant for great professionals. CCNP R&S opens many doors of opportunities to you because it acts as the perfect springboard to propel your career in the industry.

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However, before earning this certification, you have to pass a couple of exams. Yes, you are right! You have to burn some midnight oil. Irrespective of how much experience you have or how recent your CCNA credential is, you still have to dedicate ample time to study for your CCNP exams. There is no cause for alarm though. PrepAway always help you with up-to-date materials for your preparation. You will find practice questions, mock exams, training courses, braindumps – everything is available on the PrepAway platform.

Now when you are ready to take your CCNP R&S exams, you need some tips how to attain success. Let us discuss them.

Review the CCNA certification course

Before preparing for your CCNP Routing & Switching tests, you should first go through the CCNA R&S course. This will give you the fundamental foundation that you need for your professional-level exams. In actual fact, the CCNP R&S certification contents are a progression of the CCNA ones. In other words, a good understanding of the former will enhance your understanding of the latter.

The CCNP topics continue the themes of CCNA, and they are designed to give you extensive skills. Even if you have recently earned your CCNA, it won’t hurt to take some time to refresh your knowledge and logic before moving ahead to delve into the CCNP exam requirements.

Choose the exam topics carefully

Let’s make this clear: the exam content of CCNP R&S is not something you can cram and expect to pass at the exam center. Sorry to disappoint you! You can’t do this so easily. You need to study and understand topics and sub topics in-depth. You have to learn each area and ensure you realize every bit of it.

Studying doesn’t mean that you have to just read the whole CCNP book in a sweep and believe you have done justice to your study. That won’t work either. You must dedicate enough time to assess your understanding of each topic. It is very crucial that you evaluate your skills and knowledge on the practical aspects. As you practice with the tests from PrepAway, you will develop more confidence in your ability to write the exam successfully.

Study beyond the CCNP R&S course

Of course, the CCNP course is well detailed and comprehensive. However, you have to go further. Many candidates focus only on what the course says and don’t bother to read more about other individual’s experience. Really, you can pass the exam by just completing the course, but you can do much better when you learn from other test takers.

Cisco offers forums and platforms where you can learn more and add to your skills and knowledge. Check out various blogs to tap into other people’s experience. Read about the recent changes on networking news. Go through training platforms to read updates on the training courses. Follow the professionals who have earned their CCNP credentials and want to share their knowledge. Check through YouTube channels to watch video courses on CCNP and learn from the content. Connect with other test takers and get insights on areas that you find difficult.

Therefore, you have to learn from others in order to become better at your preparation.

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Get practical knowledge and develop your skills

The Cisco tests are not based only on theory. At least, you must have learnt this from your experience with the exams for CCNA. Really, if you have got your CCNA without setting up a lab, then you must have been very lucky. However, you can’t afford to do that with CCNP R&S.

You need practical and hands-on knowledge and experience. Set up a personal lab and practice with it. You must have a deep understanding of the CCNP devices and practice with them. Hence, take time to work on lab and apply your theoretical

Plan how you will take the exams

The CCNP certification requires that you pass three different exams. These are 300-135 TSHOOT, 300-115 SWITCH, and 300-101 ROUTE. Cisco doesn’t give a specific order in which a candidate should take them.In other words, it is your prerogative to choose the test to attempt first. However, the CCIE experts recommend that you take the one that you are most comfortable with. Any of these exams that you feel you are more confident about should be the first one you will write.

The reason for this is to make you develop assurance in the overall exam taking process. When you pass the first one, you will believe in your ability and can go ahead to tackle the next one more confidently.


The CCNP Routing and Switching certification is awarded to the professionals with a high level of knowledge in the IT field. Remember that you should combine different resources to learn productively. You can get a lot of materials from PrepAway to help you with your preparation process. Be active and excel in the Cisco exams with ease.