Here’s How Data Automation Tools Can Save You Tons Of Money And Time

Automation is the new normal. Today, more and more companies and businesses are embracing automation in order to enhance productivity. Automation has revolutionised the way companies do business. The likes of Amazon and Alibaba have set up automated warehouses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps track of every single thing. Everything is as easy as it can possibly be.

Employees hard at work setting up data automation

In all fairness, automation is a boon. Today, it is growing by leaps and bounds. Everything is computerized. The opportunities are endless. Technology has changed the way we look at things. It has broadened our reach. Today, we can reach out to customers irrespective of their geographical locations. There are areas that require automation. Email marketing happens to be one of those areas. Social media marketing and content marketing are some of the other areas that are in dire need of automation.

Here is how automation can help you save time and money:

Automated lead tracking

Lead management can be a tiring exercise. It takes a lot of time if carried out manually. Fortunately, you can make your life easier by putting some smart and innovative automation tools to use.

CRM systems are loaded with built-in automation features for tracking leads. These systems help you store consumer data. This data can be grouped according to the company’s needs and requirements. This will help bring high quality leads into your marketing funnel. It provides marketeers with a great way to stay organised. Not only will it accelerate the marketing results, but will also increase the overall rates of conversion.

Automated social media marketing

Getting in touch with thousands of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram isn’t an easy job to do. Also, creating social media posts isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. There are companies that rehash older pieces of content and keep publishing them over and over again.

The likes of Buzzsumo can help you create thought-provoking and inspiring stories related to leadership. Although, it is not advisable to automate each and every aspect of social media. Automated tweets and replies lack intimacy and user engagement.

Automated content marketing

Content marketing cannot be automated entirely. Content creators can breathe a sigh of relief. You can ease off your content creation and marketing burden by using the right automation tools. More often than not, content creators invest a lot of time in conducting research.

Platforms such as Asana can help streamline publishing and content creation tasks. Asana is particularly helpful when you’re dealing with a host of parties including in-house content creator, freelancers, SEO people, graphic designers, etc. data can also be stored and accessed using a centralised server. ETL tools for that purpose can be immensely helpful.

Businessman getting content ready for distribution

Automated customer retention through automation

Marketing doesn’t end after you’ve found customers and sold your products. Each and every business needs a considerable number of loyal customers in order to survive in the long run. Marketing automation happens to be a great way of ensuring that you stay in touch with your customers.

Sending follow-up emails and making regular phone calls to customers can help you ascertain whether or not your customers are satisfied. As a marketeer, your job does not end after you’ve sold the product. In fact, it begins after the purchase has been made.

Wrapping up

Automation is a boon. Some argue that it will lead to large-scale lay-offs. Well, that’s true. Excessive automation will result in layoffs. What we need is a perfect blend of human emotions and automation. Neither emotions nor automation can survive in solitude.

We need to understand that technology is developed to make life easier. Too much automation would lead to large-scale redundancy.