Troubleshooting Email Marketing Failure

Research suggests that around 70% of businesses in the US use email marketing. The success of email marketing anchors on the growing number of email accounts.

Email accounts have become so basic that almost everyone owns it. There are more than 4 billion email accounts in the world.


Email marketing is beneficial to businesses due to its global audience, ease of sharing, low costs and delivering targeted messages. If you are a business owner, you don’t want to mess up your email marketing campaign.

Read this article to identify the top 3 signs of email marketing failures and the potential salvage techniques.

1. Increased Bounce Rates

Bounce rates determine how often the emails get bounced back. It means that the email cannot reach the target recipients. It, therefore, has to be returned to the sender with the bounce status notification.

There many reasons behind email bounce back

  • Increasingly aggressive spam filters
  • Natural database decay
  • Invalid addresses
  • Sender’s reputation among others

You need to reduce your email bounce rates to reach your target audience. How do you do that?

Use permission-based or opt-in data. Alternatively, get smart with incentive-based signups and competition.

Note: Avoid using free domain address. It will make your emails fail the DMARC check standards.

2. Low Email Deliverability

If you can’t deliver your email to the target audience, then your marketing strategy will drain your time and money.

In your campaign, you need to keep alert to know whether email marketing is working. How do you know that email deliverability got problems?

  • A decline in target audience engagement, especially the open and click rates
  • An increase in email bounce rates
  • If you are blocked at a mailbox provider

Note: Deliverability landscape continues to get more complex. Email validation and verification is now a necessity when virtual space policies and scam filters programs make it even harder.

So, how do you increase email deliverability?

You need to prime your IP address, register a subdomain, and implement a sender policy framework. Additionally, ensure your sender reputation is appealing.

Unsubscribe Mr. Bean meme

3. Unsubscribes by Clients

If the target audience continues to unsubscribe, then that is a significant cause for alarm.

People will unsubscribe from your channel or services for standard reasons. They either don’t need your services, found better suitors or your brand has a negative reputation.

If you don’t have clients to show your products or services, then email marketing may be useless. You don’t want to get there, right?

So, how do we prevent clients from unsubscribing?

  • Get feedback from unsubscribers. It will help identify the root problem.
  • Test email frequency rates. Too many emails is a significant cause of unsubscriptions.
  • Communicate clearly in the beginning what a client is signing up for
  • Develop relevant content.

Email marketing success tips

Wrap Up

Every business owner wants to expand their profits and customer base. Email marketing is one of the magic digital marketing tools to increase your returns on investment.

Although email marketing has significant merits, not everyone rips the best of it. High bounce rates, low email deliverability, and unsubscribes are vital signals to watch. Correct the email marketing failures to enjoy high ROIs.