E-Commerce And Affiliate Marketing Course Reviews And Tips For Entrepreneurs

As a budding entrepreneur, you’ve got some choices to make as to what line of business you want to get into. One of the best ways and lowest barriers to entry is with either drop shipping / e-commerce or an affiliate marketing business.

To succeed with either business, you’re going to need the right education. You can’t learn either one of these businesses in college. They aren’t going to teach you this stuff. You’ll need to learn from an experienced marketer that has done all the research, has had many successes and failures and has come up with a formula for success.

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However, a lot of these so-called “guru’s” are not gurus at all, but opportunists looking to get a crack at taking away your hard earned savings. Don’t fall into a trap by being dazzled by their sales page. A lot of these courses are just rebranded and reworded courses that have been circulating for months and maybe years.

It’s important to ensure that you are buying a course that is current and receives updates to keep up with current trends. Try to ensure you get a course that includes updates for free, rather than ones that charge money for each additional course forcing you to buy repeatedly.

The good news is that you can find out which ones are worth a grain of salt. On Drews-Review, this marketer and online course reviewer purchases courses and reviews them, picking them apart piece by piece. You’ll soon find out which ones are worth your time and investment and which ones you need to kick to the curb.

How to Identify a Good Course

A course worth your while is going to have a combination of substance and strategy. It’s also going to be taught by someone that does this stuff. In college, you have college professors teaching business when they’ve never actually owned a business. This lack of real-world knowledge doesn’t seem to be very inspiring. To succeed, you need to be taught by someone that has their own affiliate or e-commerce business and passes that information to you.

So now that you know your instructor is well known and respected in the industry, you need to investigate the program material. The questions you should ask are:

  • What Modules are Included?
  • Is the training in video or text format?
  • What topics are discussed?
  • Are the latest techniques taught or is the material outdated?
  • How long is the training? Will it take a day or a week to get through it?
  • How does it compare to other courses?

You aren’t going to get all this information from the sales page because it’s goal is to tell you about the outcomes instead, how much money you will make if you buy it, etc. So, this is why it’s very important to have a look at online course reviews that give you a breakdown for each module, get critiqued and recommended or not.

Be Careful of Guarantees

Some courses will not offer money back guarantees. Some will. However, you need to look at the fine print here. Some are performance based where you need to show that you have applied the training to your business and failed. Sometimes this is hard to do, and people just give up and accept the fact that they won’t get a refund. Read the refund policy thoroughly before you buy.

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Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better

If you were to compare two similar courses together, both come from respected marketers and both have a good reputation, but one is more expensive than the other, don’t think that the higher priced course is better.

There are many courses out there that are less than half the cost of their expensive counterparts and yet offer so much more value. The lesson here is that expensive doesn’t always mean good. Another reason why a course review and comparison are just so important.

Apply What You Have Learned

No program out there is going to help you succeed unless you apply what you have learned. You’ve been given the tools so now it’s up to you to make this happen. Being successful in either affiliate marketing or drop shipping does take time. For some, success comes sooner than others. It’s a combination of hard work and a little luck. With perseverance you can make this happen. A never-give-up attitude is what will make you successful, not necessarily the course material.


So, there you have it. For those of you want to succeed, you’re going to need the right education to make this happen plus have the drive to execute. The first step in this process is to find a good course based on the line of business that you want to get into. Research this by finding online reviews – just make sure the review does not seem biased either.

Once you apply what you have learned about courses, you should be much better prepared to pick the right one.