Business Trip To St. Petersburg: 5 Best Places To Visit

Are you going to St. Petersburg for a conference or a meeting with an important client anytime soon? If so, I’m sure that you’re already planning for your ‘off-work’ hours – eateries, places of interest, etc.  I’ll leave eateries, clubs, etc. to you, but let’s take care the places of interest, including tourist spots.  Read on.

Business trip to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city and is undoubtedly the best place to explore the cultural heritage of Russia. Being about 300 years old, there are several iconic events which took place here due to which the historical heritage of this place is worth exploring. The ideal way to explore these sites would be through any of the private & small group tours to Saint Petersburg.

Some of the most majestic sites which can be sighted here are given below.

1. Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum, Russia
photo credit: DEZALB / PIxabay

One of the greatest attractions of St. Petersburg is the Hermitage Museum which features a large collection of paintings. Out of the six buildings of this museum, the Winter Palace is the one which must not be missed. This museum is surrounded by the most photogenic landscape with the river Neva flowing alongside.

2. Peterhof Palace

Famously referred to as the “Russian Versailles”, this palatial building was the first imperial structure built outside St. Petersburg. The complex of this palace faces the Gulf of Finland and houses several sections, out of which the magnanimous Alexandra Park is the most majestic one. This Russian Tsar’s summer residence features grand interiors in an elegant architectural structure which is richly decorated.

3. Church of the Spilt Blood

Church Of The Spilt Blood, St. Petersburg
photo credit: Lynn Greyling / Pixabay

This church depicts Russian architectural beauty which is truly a treat to the eyes. The gilded, colorful and spiral tombs of this church makes it one of the most unique churches to worship in. It is also sometimes referred to as the Church of the Resurrection since it is situated close to Griboyedov Canal. Being one of the most loved architectural wonders of St. Petersburg, this church is a popular tourist site.

4. St. Isaac’s Cathedral

St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg
photo credit: Сергей Горбачев / Pixabay

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the grandest buildings in the city. No matter where you are in the city, the uniquely gilded tomb of this cathedral can be spotted easily. Earlier this was a place of worship by the masses but it has been recently converted into a museum with several interesting artworks. The interiors of this cathedral are decorated majestically with rare stones, making it a delightful sight. When you climb up the 262 stairs towards the colonnade, you can get a mesmerizing view of the entire city.

5. Peter and Paul Fort

Built in 1703, Peter and Paul Fort depicts the entire city’s foundation being laid out by “Peter The Great”. This fort was built in an attempt to protect Russia from being invaded by the Swedish army from the west. Originally, the entire structure was made out of wood but gradually the structure was modified and was made much more sturdy with the incorporation of bricks and stones. This fort encapsulates a number of museums and galleries as well which are worth exploring.

So, there you go – five best places to visit in St. Petersburg on your business trip. If you want to learn more about these places and many other iconic places in St. Petersburg, just navigate to or any other trip planning sites, and get all the help you need in planning an interesting vacation.