5 Smart Ways To Engage Your Audience With Push Notifications

Developing an effective marketing strategy for your online business can get complicated. We have moved far beyond the traditional text messaging formats and any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition would be wise to move with the times.

The focus these days is primarily on how you communicate with your potential customers. In the past emails, texts, and pop-up screens were common, but they are slowly being replaced with web push integrations. These are push notifications designed to work on your website in the same way as they do on your mobile apps.

Triggered push notification

Here are just a few examples of how your business can benefit from them.

1. You Reach A Wider Audience

Whether you use notifications or integrations, they will help you to reach more people. Not only that, they are able to connect you with the exact audience you need; those that are truly interested in your products or services. They work on all the main browsers including Google, Safari, and Firefox.

This opens you up to reach a good 75% of the website market share. Couple that with your mobile notifications and you are now in touch with 90% of the people you want to communicate with.

2. You Can Get More Personal

It is not enough to just be able to reach your audience you want to connect with them. With the use of these notifications, you can fine-tune your message and give your reader exactly what he needs.

Use their in-app behavior and their browsing history to custom tailor your message with pertinent information that can move them to action.

3. You Can Reach Them At The Optimum Time

In business, timing is everything. These notifications allow you to time your message and send it at the time when your customer is most likely to want to receive it. This can be determined by observing the times of day when the users are active on your application.

By collecting data about their in-app activity, you can literally pinpoint the time of the day you are most likely to get their attention. When you send your message at the right time, it is more likely that they will not only receive it but take the time to read and act.

Increasing conversion rate

4. You’ll Get a Higher Conversion Rate

Push notifications generally have a higher conversion rate than many other online marketing tools. With an average click-through rate of as much as 30%, they can make a significant impact on the actual sales of your business.

In addition, they encourage users to subscribe to your site so you will also have ongoing communication with them from that point on. This makes them one of the most effective channels for reaching potential customers and keeping in contact with them for repeat business.

5. They Help You Narrow Down Your Focus

The online world is a big place and even though your website may be seen by people all over the world, you don’t expect them all to be your customers. By utilizing resources like geofencing and beacons, you can narrow down your focus so that you create content for a very specific group of people.

You can choose to target users during a specific time of day and engage with them at a point in time when they are more likely to be favorable to your message. If your notifications are timed just right, they will be more meaningful to your customers and they will recognize its value.


Connecting with new and past customers is not always as easy. A good business is much more likely to be successful if they utilize these valuable tools to help them communicate with potential customers and provide them with information they can value and at a time when they are readily able to receive it. This can serve as one of the most valuable tools a business can use to grow and thrive.