3 Ways Businesses Can Get Into Cryptocurrency

3 Ways Businesses Can Get Into Cryptocurrency

Are you a small business owner who think that cryptocurrency can take your business to the next level? Well, you’re in luck. You have have three ways in front of you to get more into all of this Crypto stuff that people keep talking about.

Have your ear to the ground, hear the train coming and be ready at the station to get on the Crypto express!

Initial Coin Offering - ICO

1. Create your own crypto service or currency

Create your own service or currency and get it on the market. This means you must, an absolute must, spend a lot of time researching the market. Don’t go out half-cocked with an idea for a currency called BooBoo Dollar because you used that when you were younger playing with stuffed monkeys.

Really put yourself into this.  Take some of the existing technology that has been tried and tested then get your think cage together and fight it out with your colleagues till you have the next great idea about where Blockchain technology can be applied to our existing infrastructure.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be currency-based; it could be a new way to ID someone, a faster way to confirm someone’s legal status before they arrived on your shores or learn how best to assist other businesses with Bitcoin.

Business uses of cryptocurrency

2. Purchase a cryptocurrency from the market or a Blockchain company

If you do this you can be the head of the investment! You can use their strategies to take you out into the unknown where you suddenly are able to build strategies for new companies that need a technology to take them into this uncertain future that we are all hurtling towards.

If you need somewhere to buy them from look into places like Binance, Coinbase or Novaexchange.com they all have comprehensive sites to give you the ability to peer into the market without losing anything.

Bitcoin accepted here sign
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3. Use Cryptocurrency in your transactions

Start to receive payments in crypto. Doing this can open up a new market to you and customers will enjoy your ability to take what appears to be a risk. Your new customer base that sees you accepting Bitcoin payments will be a loyal bunch.

Of course there are some that will be unsavoury but when did you ever know exactly how your dollar got into your hand? Well, you didn’t; so it’s a waste of your time worrying about it.


With all of these comes a disclaimer, ensure you understand the risks and what you are inviting into your life. That way you can enjoy the rewards even more.

Remember that you are not the first to be taking the leap into Cryptocurrencies but you don’t want to be the last, sitting on the side line and wondering when your bank that crashed is going to give you back your life savings.

Ivan Widjaya

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