Know How To Get A Replacement For Lost Medicare Card

Do you need a replacement Medicare card? You may, if you are a Medicare beneficiary in need of medical services, if you never received your lost Medicare card, or if your card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. You will need the following information to receive your Medicare replacement card.

Medicare card replacement

Your last payment amount or the month and year of your last payment if you received benefits in the past year. You will need your name, social security number, date of birth, and telephone number. You also may need your place of birth and mother’s maiden name for identity purposes.

Ways to get a new card

There are different ways you can receive your new Medicare card. You can order one by calling the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213, or by visiting one of their offices. You can also order your new card online at the SSA’s website. You can use this site to apply for a new card if your Medicare card is red, white and blue, and if it is your proof that you have Medicare health insurance. If your Medicare card was issued by your state, you will need to contact your local Medicaid office.

The Social Security Association’s Medicare Card Replacement Site is a secure site where you can apply for a replacement card by filling out an online form, which is sent electronically to the SSA. Your personal information is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. Requests are forwarded to the Health Care Financing Administration for processing. This agency mails out the new cards.

After you apply for a new Medicare card, it will arrive in the mail approximately 30 days later. If you need proof of Medicare insurance sooner, you can request a letter, which will arrive in 10 days. Make sure that your address is correct when applying for your card, because the SSA will send it to the address it has on file. If you have moved and not reported your new address to the SSA, you will need to do so before requesting your new card. The Medicare Card Replacement Site is an easy, secure way to get your replacement Medicare card.

Tips from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Now while policyholders had no control over this recent problem with the health insurance company, there are steps that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests Medicare recipients can do to protect themselves.

First, remember that your Medicare number is your Social Security number and guard them diligently. Don’t let anyone borrow or use your Medicare ID. If your Medicare card is lost or stolen, report it immediately.

If the agencies whom you are connecting with are asking for unnecessary answers, especially the ones offering free medical equipment and services are people whom you should be suspicious at. Be particularly wary of those who approach you in public places or call you on the phone and offer you these freebies in exchange for my Medicare coverage number. Hang up or walk away.

Some Final Tips to Protect You and Your Medicare Information

Most of these are common sense suggestions, like only providing your Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number to your doctor or other Medicare provider. But they’re important to keep in mind.

Hide personal information in a safe place and out of the view of those you don’t know. This includes your medical records. Don’t allow anyone, except the appropriate medical professional, to review your medical information.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose for these scam artists is to obtain your personal information for identity theft. To find out more visit the Federal Trade Commission website for details.

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