Top 5 Online Meeting Software

Online meetings are becoming more popular in our modern world, with dozens of services available for those businesses that want to take meetings to the next level. Easy, convenient, and usually quite cost-effective, these five online meeting software will help you create more efficient and convenient meetings for your teams and clients.

Keep reading to learn more about the top five in the industry today.

Online meeting in session

Online Meetings? Why?

Online meetings are excellent for a variety of purposes. For starters, the ability for participants to join meetings from anywhere in the world instantaneously is a feature you can’t get with traditional meetings. Even conference calls on traditional phone plans have long-distance and multi-caller fees that make them simply unaffordable to use for this purpose.

Online meetings can also help to mitigate travel costs. When you’re hosting a conference or an important meeting, your remote team won’t be able to attend without flying or driving to your location. That’s where online meeting software comes in. You’ll be able to include every team member, no matter where they live.

1. Vast Conference

Vast Conference provides an easy-to-use platform for hosting effective online meetings at a price you’ll be satisfied with. The company even offers a 14-day free trial, so you can decide whether or not the awesome features offered by Vast Conference are what your business needs.

With in-browser meetings, easy integration with calendar software, and desktop sharing, this feature-rich software has everything you need; whether you’re a startup, small business, or corporate giant. You can join the meeting from just about any browser, meaning the limitations that usually exist between operating systems are not a factor with Vast Conference.

Prices start at just $11.99 per month per user, for up to ten participants. Enterprise pricing and higher-tire packages are also available for those who want a little more from their online meeting software.

2. Zoho

Whether you need to plan an important meeting ahead of time, or need to join a last-minute call in a few hours, Zoho has you covered. With either a dial-in number or your computer, you can join calls with crystal-clear audio, or even join an HD video conference complete with in-session chat bubbles and screen-sharing capabilities.

You can even record your meetings with Zoho for quality or training purposes; a feature you won’t find with just any online meeting software. If you’re looking for feature-rich, affordable HD audio and video conferencing services, Zoho is the place to start.

Zoho starts at $8/month per host, for up to 100 participants and storage for up to ten recordings. Overall, this is one of the best values out there.

3. Zoom

Zoom is one of the more popular online meeting options, with stunning audio and video conferencing options to ensure you don’t miss a thing during your meeting. Stay in touch with remote workers via video chat, and host meetings for up to 100 participants for free. That’s right! Zoom offers a free option for up to 100 attendees; with video conferencing, group collaboration, and web conferencing services provided in the free package.

For businesses looking for more features and dedicated customer service options, Zoom has paid plans starting at just $14.99/month per host. Business and enterprise options are also available for extra storage space and more amazing features.

This is a truly feature-rich and dependable software that you won’t want to miss when looking for a new online meeting service. Try Zoom today and see why it’s trusted by so many users globally!

Business chat using Skype

4. Skype Business

Microsoft is one of the most trusted names in technology, so it’s no surprise they’d introduce an online meeting software of their own. The popular video chatting platform, Skype, has seen much use in its lifetime. As one of the first programs of its time, it’s seen millions of hours of voice and video chatting via the web.

Now, with Skype for Business, you can get the same advantages as more over-priced software in a lightweight package; backed by one of the most trusted brands in America. Skype business integrates with all of your Microsoft Office apps, and allows meetings with up to 250 participants.

Best of all, Skype for Business is one of the most affordable online meeting solutions, with a price tag of only a few dollars per month; depending on the features or extras you want.

5. Lifesize

Lifesize takes online meetings very seriously; with an approach dedicated to providing the best online meeting experience you can get. Crystal-clear audio and video, a global access network, seamless integration, and great customer service are just a few of the features you can expect from this awesome service.

Lifesize is one of the only services that allows calls in 4k HD, the highest resolution available on the web. You’ll feel like you’re actually in the same room with your attendees! With so many features and a price tag that’s manageable for any size business, it’s easy to see why Lifesize made our list.

Lifesize’s mini bundle starts at just $16/month per user for up to 25 participants. This comes complete with collaborative tools, global support, and a permanent meeting room for all of your future meetings and calls. You can also try a free trial today to give Lifesize a chance to prove to your business why they’re one of the best in the industry.