ClickMeeting Webinar Review: Cost-effective Solutions for Small Businesses

Webinars have become a popular marketing and conference tool, and are especially useful to the small business who can’t afford to host traditional brick and mortar conferences.

Webinars and online meetings are becoming more and more popular because people can attend them without the need to travel, which saves time and expense.

According to Finances Online, ClickMeeting has a 100% customer satisfaction score, so it’s one of the top communication tools available.

Target market

The ClickMeeting software was developed with entrepreneurs and the small business in mind.

Ease of use

The interface is user friendly, modern and clean. It’s easy to set up meetings or webinars.

Webinar reminders - ClickMeeting
This screenshot demonstrates ease of use when setting up webinar reminders.

The participant experience

The participant experience is the most important part of the software.

Participant's view in ClickMeeting - screenshot
Participant’s view

When you register as a participant of a ClickMeeting-hosted meeting or webinar, you’ll be emailed with the details. All you would need to do to access the meeting or webinar, is to simply click on the provided URL in the email invite, insert your name and email address.

Once that’s done, you’d be led to test your connection, check for plug-ins, and set up your camera and microphone if necessary.

As an attendee, you can “raise your hand”, indicate agreement or disagreement, and chat when the host allows it.

Preparing for your webinar or meeting

To send invites, use ClickMeeting’s email templates or use your own email client.

You’re able to customize the waiting room and agenda with the colors of your choice, and add your brand’s logo so your company looks professional.

ClickMeeting provides attractive invitation templates which you can simply tweak, and you’re good to go…

Webinar promotion

Promote your webinar as you see fit, but the one thing missing in ClickMeeting, is the ability to create landing pages from within the software, although it does contain registration and invitation templates.

Hosting a webinar

When you present, use the built in whiteboard and share screens to better demonstrate and engage with your audience.

Built-in whiteboard - ClickMeeting screenshot
One of the major ClickMeeting features, is it’s built-in whiteboard.

The software allows for presentation files to be used as slides, as well as to show YouTube videos. Use PowerPoint or an Excel spreadsheet; whatever you need to get your point across to your audience.

Webinar presenter view - ClickMeeting screenshot
A webinar presenter’s view

To increase engagement, use moderated chat, polls and surveys. You could even conduct some target audience research right from inside your webinar.

If you’d prefer to have a meeting instead of a webinar, set this up for up to 25 participants.

It’s possible to conduct your webinar or meeting from your mobile device.

When it’s over

The ClickMeeting software allows you to ask for a rating from your audience, and when it’s over, analyze webinar statistics, like ratings, location, and devices used.

Webinar recap - ClickMeeting screenshot

Your webinar, once recorded, can double up as a marketing tool, because it can be uploaded to YouTube.

Good to know

ClickMeeting stores all your past webinars on a timeline, so you can locate them easily when you need to.

Create subaccounts for staff or colleagues, and manage them from your dashboard. Set up multi accounts for each person to log in with their own credentials.

With additional add-ons, you can add stuff like:

  • More space for more participants
  • More space for up to four more presenters
  • Using parallel sessions
  • Getting more storage
  • Multi-user management

ClickMeeting integrates with most relevant, popular third party services, like Google Apps and Twitter, etc.


If you’re just starting out, choose the option for $25pm, which allows 25 – 100 participants. The next payment plan is $35pm, for 50 – 1000 participants. For anything from 500 – 5000 attendees, ClickMeeting can build a custom solution that starts from $165pm.


Test it for 30 days, no credit card necessary.

Device compatibility

The software is compatible with PCs and Macs as well as all major browsers.

Support and customer service

No phone support, but you can email and have a live chat during certain times. For the most common questions, the Learning Center will suffice. It includes guides to help get set up, plus video tutorials.


Webinars can be used in various stages of your marketing funnel, or as an educational, informational tool. (Find out how to use webinars in your marketing strategy).

ClickMeeting can be used by all businesses, but is targeted at the smaller business, and priced accordingly.

It is easy to use, both from the host’s point of view, as well as the participant’s.

The software offers everything needed for high attendee engagement levels, and once the webinar is over, the recording can double up as a video on YouTube.