6 Things to Look for in HR Software

It does not matter what size or type of firm you run you can benefit greatly by making sure that your human resources team has access to the right tools. Investing in the type of specialist software, such as Cascade HR, really is worth doing. It ensures that your human resources team works efficiently and that important tasks like staff training, assessments, and checks that are required by law are all carried out in a timely fashion.

However, you do need to be careful when buying this type of software. It is important to buy the right HR programmes for your business. Here is some guidance that will help you to do exactly that.

HR workflow diagram
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The right modules

The first thing to check is that the software package includes all of the programmes you need. You need to do some research to understand what is available, and note down those modules that you know your business needs, so that you can buy accordingly.

Future proof and flexible

It is also important to make sure that any package you buy is future proof. Over the years, your business is going to evolve, which inevitably means that you will have to change the way you work. It is always best to look for HR support software that can have modules added on to the original package.

Buying tools, equipment, training and IT systems that are future proof is extremely important. Therefore, we suggest that you also read this article, which covers the subject in detail.

Regularly updated

While we are talking about future proofing, we need to cover the subject of updates. It is important to check that updates are included in the price. The last thing you need is to have to buy a new software suite every few years.

The cloud can offer you a solution to that; in a cloud-based platform, updates are (or should be) provided automatically via the Internet. Indeed, the cloud is disrupting IT, and that includes IT in HR.

Editable parameters

You also need to check that the parameters used by the system can be updated too. For example, if you opt to use a package that includes a payroll module you need to be able to change the percentage of income tax, and social security payments you deduct.

Virtually every payroll system allows this simple change because the regulations surrounding paying employees change on a regular basis. However, you should always check that this is the case to be on the safe side, and think about other parameters that you may want to be able to change.

HR software system training

Good training and support

It is also important to check what level of training and support is included in the price. Inevitably, it is going to take time to get the system up and running. The better the support is the faster your HR staff will be able to start using the software effectively.

Reporting capabilities

Another very important consideration is the reporting capability of the HR system you buy. There is little point in gathering in-depth information about each of your employees if you cannot effectively integrate that data and learn from it.

Most software includes some standard reports that you can easily print off and use. Often, these reports are very good, and give you the basic information you need. However, it is always wise to look for a package that allows you to pull off your own reports. Being able to do this enables you to tailor them to meet the needs of your business.

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Following these guidelines will enable you to source good quality HR software, which your business will be able to benefit from both now, and in the future.