Build your Binary Trading Career: Bullish University Review

Bullish University is changing the face of binary trading. By using real-time training to show students how to succeed in the market, this engaging and innovative program is helping traders find more success with every click.

It’s not an automatic trader and it’s more than a list of tips. Bullish University is a real-time, interactive training system that doesn’t just create better trades, it builds better traders.

Bullish University review

What Makes Bullish University Unique?

Bullish University is a never-ending training source for anyone who wants to succeed in binary options trading. With a comprehensive training system, users get everything they need to make binary trading a real career, not a game of chance. Bullish University believes in giving students the knowledge they need to make a profit in the promising world of binary trading.

Without proper education, binary trading can be a very difficult endeavor. With no guidance, support, and feedback, success in the binary trading market is nearly impossible. However, with Bullish University’s system of training, which offers daily webinars, a vast library of videos and article, and the chance to interact with some of the most successful experts in the industry, students are well-equipped to make binary trading a full-time career.

This is not an auto trader or a trading robot. They are all about teaching clients to trade correctly from the very beginning, helping them avoid many of the costly mistakes that beginning traders often experience. They don’t just demonstrate what to do, they explain why.

Bullish University
Bullish University homepage

Bullish University is making waves in the binary options industry, and this isn’t happening by chance. It’s happening because they offer something very unique in the market. While most companies in the binary trading sector offer robots or auto traders, Bullish University offers real training to help anyone succeed.

This is what makes them a leader in the binary trading industry.

Members Area

Everyone who signs up for Bullish University gets exclusive access to a members area. This is the heart of their training, where users find options like Live Trading Examples, Past Webinars, Beginner Classes, and the Bullish Library. All users need to do is click on the provided links to signup for upcoming events or access available material.


To start clients on the right path, Bullish University offers two live webinars five days a week. Their trading expert, Ben Newman, walks clients though the ins and outs of binary trading, showing student, in real time, how to judge binary options and make smart, profitable decisions.

When these webinars are going, students learn by watching Ben trade, all while he talks through his decisions. He explains what he is doing and why he is making those choices. To further enhance the learning experience, users can interact with Ben by asking questions in real time. This personalized feedback from a binary options expert is the backbone of success for Bullish University students.

Vast Video and Article Library

When clients sign up for Bullish University, they not only get live webinars from Ben Newman, they also have access to a vast library of videos and articles. This content, which is available at any time to students, helps traders get specific information on a wide range of topics.

This library of videos and articles is crucial to the success of Bullish University clients and helps them remain at the cutting-edge of binary trading.

Interact with Successful Traders

Trading binary options can be a lonesome career, so they have created a private members forum that allows clients to interact and communicate with other traders. This exclusive members forum, which is hosted on Facebook, allows students to discuss various opportunities in the market and discover what has worked for them in their trading careers.

This is an active and vibrant members area that has brought positive feedback from many students. Many of the students have commented that this interaction has allowed them to grow in their binary trading careers.

Pricing Levels for Bullish University

Bullish University currently has three pricing levels. The first is Bullish Plus, which brings access to two live trading sessions every month, the private Facebook groups, access to weekly analysis, video library of training education, webinar replays and the weekly market analysis by David Frank.

The second is Bullish Pro. Which comes with everything in Plus but includes 40 live webinars per month, allowing students to attend two live training webinars every single day!

The third level is called Bullish Premium. This session gives students everything they’d have with Bullish Pro, as well as one-on-one training sessions with the instructor every month.

Meet the Experts at Bullish University

Ben Newman: Head Trainer

Ben Newman

With over five years of binary trading experience, Ben Newman is a leader in the industry. He has conducted numerous training and educational classes, including over 500 webinars on a vast variety of topics. As the leader of Bullish University’s coaching team, Ben Newman is a valuable resource for students. Bringing an excellent mix of experience and passion for sharing his knowledge, Ben is ready to answer any questions in a clear and reliable manner.

David Frank: Technical Analyst

David Frank

As the technical analyst for Bullish University, David Frank brings a unique mix of macroeconomics experience with a big-picture mindset. He is experienced with Forex and holds an MA abd PhD in Economics. With over a decade of experience working in the currency and debt markets, David brings a deep financial understanding to the Bullish University team.

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