Bring In New Customers! How To Market A New Product Effectively

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New product marketing strategy

After spending countless hours on research and development, you’re ready to bring your new product to market. The prospect of selling thousands of units excites you. You’ve got nice plans and expectations, but things don’t always work out the way we want them to. In any competitive market, selling a new product, however unique, is a big challenge.

The secret lies in effective marketing. But then, you’re an entrepreneur, not a marketing guru. As such, you might not know how to properly market your product. Worry not, though. Here’s a guide on how to market a new product.

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Know Your Competition

A mistake most newbie entrepreneurs make is diving right into buying digital ads as soon their new product is ready to sell. Don’t be like these people.

The first step to marketing a new product is to study your existing competition. What marketing strategies do they use? Establish their strengths and weakness. This will enable you to identify potential threats to your own business, as well as opportunities you could leverage.

It’s also crucial to evaluate how your competitors’ products measure up to yours. Does your product have a unique feature? This is your unique value proposition, and it’s what your marketing campaign should focus on.

Know Your Target Market

You certainly have an idea of who will buy your product, but how well do you know them? You need to create a buyer persona. This is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Here’s an example of a buyer persona:

  • She lives in Washington, DC
  • She is 30 years old
  • She is a working professional, earning $60,000 a year
  • She works in the tech industry
  • She probably has a pet or two
  • She is keen on personal fitness.

When you have an intricate understanding of who your target customer is, it’s easier to develop an effective marketing strategy. From the example above, for instance, you’ll know that you shouldn’t spend money on newspaper ads, because your target customer rarely reads newspapers.

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Invest in Quality Product Photography

Did you know the human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? This is why you must invest in quality product photography. In your digital marketing, you’ll have to display photos of the product. You want these photos to be super-clear. A professional photographer will capture eye-catching shots of your product.

Outsource Marketing to a Professional

It’s understandable that you could be on a shoestring budget, so bringing in a marketing professional isn’t in your budget. However, hiring a marketing pro is a smart move. What’s more, you don’t have to bring them in-house.

It’s cheaper to outsource to an established marketing agency that has the resources and expertise to blow up your marketing. The return on investment will be worth it.

How to Market a New Product, Simplified!

Bringing a new product to market is exciting, but don’t let the excitement get in the way. You have to focus on crafting a marketing strategy that can get the product flying off the shelves. And with this guide on how to market a new product, you now know the steps you need to take.

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