Help Your Restaurant Get Down To Business, With This Software

Restaurants have existed for centuries, and they’ve never been easy to manage. The notorious statistic is that more than half of new restaurants close within one year of opening, and the ones who survive may be in an economically precarious situation.

Factors such as location, menu, and other such things are always unique to each restaurant, but there is one software that restaurants across North America have embraced for the way it keeps all staff connected to each other and to the operation — employee scheduling software.

Restaurant staff using restaurant software

Apps make restaurants more productive – and profitable, and those are needed from the front end to the back end. Not only mobile ordering app to streamline food ordering process, restaurants need scheduling app to make sure the staff are always ready to fulfill the order.

Read on to learn more about this cutting edge software.

Schedules Everyone Loves, In Less Time

Like its name suggests, employee scheduling software can create a responsive, flexible schedule that suits everybody’s needs in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. This helps you spend less time creating & managing your schedule and helps your employees focus on their real jobs.

Employee scheduling software also reduces the calling and text messaging that is otherwise needed to create a schedule by 70%. Saving time like this manages to reduce labor costs by 1-3% which is vital, because payroll is one of the toughest challenges a restaurant faces. Schedules aren’t just created in less time: they’re better, and the process is easier.

Connect, Remotely

Gone are the days when staff had to cram pencil notes into a crowded calendar to indicate to their boss when they can and can’t work. Now, they just let them know remotely via the app. Managers can also approve shift requests remotely too.

Your employees will feel empowered and listened to for having a workplace that can be sensitive and accommodating to their schedule, while your restaurant will always have its staffing effortlessly organized ahead of time.

Secure, Sophisticated Time-Clock

Time is money, and employee scheduling software gives your restaurant advanced features so that managers know more details behind attendance statistics. Rather than just punching “in” or “out,” employee scheduling software lets you create custom breaks. Managers will know their employees took a break for “lunch” or “coffee” instead of just knowing they weren’t currently punched in.

Restaurant owners managing the business

The time-clock also makes sure that staff get the breaks that they’re entitled to (paid or unpaid, according to local labor laws), and helps to identify which employees are all stars. Employee scheduling software’s time-clock can also prevent employees from signing in early, and if an employee accidentally forgets to sign out, they will be punched out automatically if a certain amount of time elapses.

The updates modern employee scheduling software brings to the formerly humble time-clock helps unlock productivity insights, prevents the restaurant from over-paying employees, and helps employees get the breaks and recognition they need — a win-win for everyone.

No two restaurants are the same, but they all face overlapping struggles. Employee scheduling software was specifically designed to help restaurants surmount these challenges. Millennials gravitated to this software first, which isn’t surprising since younger people are earlier adopters of technology, but now American and Canadian restaurateurs of all ages use employee scheduling software so they can get down to business in their restaurant.