How to Grow Your Independent Optical Practice

Today’s optical industry is filled with challenges, mostly due to a change in consumer behaviour and expectations. As industries continue to turn to digitally-driven operations, the optical industry must continue to meet the expectation of services and processes being efficient, streamlined and convenient.

Independent optical practice marketing

Independent practices have the additional challenge of competing with larger chain practices, meaning that many practices need to be able to adjust quickly and respond to demands in a timely manner. Independent practices must now invest more time and resource into understanding their patients; time and resource that they may not necessarily have.

It’s clear that one of the best ways to grow your optical practice is to ensure the practice is delivering the exact service that patients expect.

Finding opportunities for growth

An independent optician can sometimes feel restricted in time, money and human resources. After all, the difference between a small, local optician and a Specsavers branch is huge. However, independent optical practices shouldn’t feel disheartened at this; that difference is the perfect angle to create opportunity for growth.

It’s key to find opportunities that you know you can execute well, in order to grow and evolve. This can include anything from marketing to new equipment.

Marketing is an accessible way for independent opticians to grow and communicate with their audience. Not only can you implement specialised local marketing for your immediate area, you can actively take control of what message you are sending out to your followers. Giving you the chance to advertise affordably, you can use this opportunity to show your audience what makes you the perfect choice for their eye care needs.

With technology constantly creating new opportunities, your optical practice needs to be in tune with any advances in optical equipment. Patients are fast beginning to expect advanced solutions delivered from digital sources, as the world around us continues to evolve.

Racks of eyeglasses

Finding the right growth partner

Of course, as an independent optician it can be a challenge to know how to get started with opportunities like these. What can be very helpful is finding a business partnership that allows you access to additional support. This can help to drive growth even without the huge budgets of chain rivals.

Being able to train staff, integrate the latest optical equipment and advertise well online, you will start to see an increase in performance and patient satisfaction.