5 Ways 3D Printers Can Help Increase Your Printing Business

Even with 3D printing exploding into the market it can be nerve-wracking as you decide to get into the business of commercial 3D printing. Will it pay off? Are consumers even interested in 3D printing? As it happens, 3D printing has expanded in popularity.

3D printer

Though the printing technology is improving rapidly it can’t hurt to build a name for yourself as a trusted source for 3D printing. Your customers already trust you as a printer so adding to your printing abilities is a no brainer. If you’re still not convinced that 3D printing is for you, here is a little break down of five ways adding a 3D printer will benefit your business.

1. There’s a Hype Surrounding It

Offering the public the chance to print something in 3D is going to drum up new customers for you because 3D printing technology is still new enough that most people haven’t ever used it before. There is a mindset that 3D printing is only used for large scale manufacturing and in the medical field but that just isn’t true!

As people become more interested in learning about what the technology can do for them they may want to experiment. This is where your printing business comes in. When you have the resources customers can work on printing to their heart’s content. (Or their budget’s content rather.) You just need the supplies to make that happen for them.

Do you know of other commercial printers who offer customers the chance to print in 3D? If your answer is no then it’s likely you could fill this niche and get into the 3D printing business yourself. It only takes a few printers.

2. Samples

No longer do you need to order a sample just for your customers to change their minds and go in a different direction. Waiting for another company to send you a sample is a thing of the past because you can print your very own sample! They want their logo to be more prominent? No problem, you’ll just go ahead and make it bigger.

Promotional material mockups take time and energy but with your own 3D printer you can print them out as needed, gain your customer’s approval and then order them. It may not save you money to print all the items needed but you can certainly save time and money on the original sample. No inventory needed!

3. It’s Space Saving

3D printer and printed items

Sure, you might not think too much about that storage closet full of sample materials and things you just might need some time for one project or another. But shelves and boxes take up valuable space in your office. With a 3D printer you no longer need to keep extra parts or pieces laying around since when the need for it arises, you can print a new one.

3D printers range in sizes from large to very small yet even the biggest most industrial printer is going to save you space in the long run because you won’t have to keep quiet so much stock on hand. A printer and some filament are all it takes to create whatever you can dream up.

There are a variety of 3D printing materials. While the cast array in choice of plastics is the most commonly thought of material and it works great, you can also print in metals like stainless steel, aluminum and there is ever a titanium option available on the market.

4. Keep Up the Act

It’s likely that with your traditional printing business that you are already printing promotional banners and programs for high school, community and professional theatres in your area. What if you could tell them you could also be their one-stop shopping experience for specialty props or their scenic design needs?

Right now there are specialty prop houses, where theatres can rent the specific props they are looking for, rather than to buy them. But this can be an expensive endeavor with the rental and shipping fees. But with your 3D printing service, they can print the exact prop that they need and they will own it for years to come.

No longer do they need to order King Lear’s crown and wait for it to arrive only to find out it’s too big and heavy. By printing in the 3D they can alleviate any extra drama and know they’re getting something that works. You could also advertise your service prior to any area Comic-Cons as attendees often seek out items that are harder to find elsewhere.

It may even be worth your while to set up shop IN a comic expo to announce your new capabilities and drum up an entirely new customer base for yourself. The cosplay community is always interested in the latest options for getting the pieces they’re looking for to complete their costume, chances are they will be grateful to hear of your expanded business.

5. Innovate

3D printers bring on-demand flexibility to the manufacturing process, allowing your clients the chance to refine their product design. While jewelry and art are popular pieces to print there is no limit to what someone may want to be printing.

Because you can print in small batches, this gives your customers a chance to evolve their designs and test their prototypes in varying colors and materials to be sure they work before they commit to printing many hundreds. Producing small items in low quantities with fast delivery is now at your customer’s disposal.


3D printing an item

Ultimately, 3D printing is the printer of the future. Certainly print material isn’t going away anytime soon, especially since it has evolved into the ability to print just about anything you and your customers can dream up. If you haven’t decided whether a 3D printer will actually help your business let’s be clear: it absolutely will.

The options for printing in 3D are endless so simply by tapping into the right audiences you will find a steady stream of print jobs for your printer. You wouldn’t want to have to outsource the job to a larger printer when it is so easy to jump into 3D printing yourself. Don’t miss out on the possibilities of 3D printing for your business.