Top 4 Trends to Automate Your Business

Savvy entrepreneurs use software to quickly scale their businesses without the hassle of hiring and managing a team.

Automation technology is growing fast. By automating business processes, you’ll get more done in less time. This allows you to control overhead and scale quickly.

Business process automation

Here are some of the top ways you can apply automation to your business today:

Customer Service on Autopilot

In order to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, customer experience has to be a top priority. According to a Gladly customer service study, 92% of customers will stop buying from you after three or fewer poor experiences.

No business has unlimited resources. Customer service automation helps busy entrepreneurs like you keep up with customer demands.

There are a variety of ways you can automate the customer experience, including:

  • Chatbots. Many are available for free so you can get the hang of using them. You will need to pay for more advanced features in the future.

  • Drip emails that provide information like shipping info and expected delivery dates. These automated emails free up your support team to work on more pressing problems.

Application Development Integrations

Companies with custom applications are always under pressure to ship a product out as fast as possible. But creating an application from scratch takes time, effort, and money.

Go is a relatively new open-source programming language created by Google and other developers in the open-source community. If you’re a building an application, using DevOps platform like Jfrog Artifactory is a secure way to provide your development team access to private a Go registry.

Integrations save tons of time by stringing together tools using APIs. This time translates into lower app development costs and a faster time to deploy your minimum viable product (MVP).

Marketing campaign automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing is no longer confined to TV commercials, radio ads and internet banner ads. Your potential customers may not even use any of these anymore. Companies need to be highly visible in more places than ever before and engage in multi-channel marketing.

Marketing automation software like AdRoll and Perfect Audience continue to deliver new ways to reach customers everywhere they may be, including social media. These software packages also allow you to track and retarget visitors to your website who don’t immediately convert into paying customers.

Social Media Automation

With over 1.5 billion active daily users as of March 2019, Facebook is a popular place for businesses to find customers. That’s why it’s imperative that entrepreneurs have a social media presence.

Social media automation involves scheduling automatic updates to a company or personal social media profile. There’s a variety of tools to fit every budget and business need, including Hootsuite, Social Jukebox and Edgar.

Wrapping It Up

Business automation is more than a growing trend. Using tools to automate certain facets of your business saves entrepreneurs time and money and helps scale your business faster than ever.

Investing in these tools upfront will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in overhead and lost revenue for years to come.