Lessons Learned from Practice: These 5 Mistakes Are Destroying Your DBA Case

When an American employee works at an overseas base, they have worker’s compensation insurance through the Defense Base Act or DBA. This act ensures that employees of defense contractors receive treatment and compensation when they are injured on the job.

Injured worker in need of Defense Based Act representation

Unfortunately, not every employee who is injured on the job automatically receives immediate compensation for their injuries. Some need a Defense Base Act representation to receive the coverage they deserve.

There are several mistakes that happen when people are attempting to make the Defense Base Act case.

1. Lying about your case

When your DBA case isn’t paid in a timely fashion, you might start to panic. When panic strikes, people often do what they can to receive a settlement which can include making up information. Lying about your case is the quickest way to get a rejection. You should lie verbally or in writing. The only thing you should do is explain exactly what happened and let your lawyer handle the case.

2. Recording a statement

Along with lying, you should not ever record the statement by yourself. If the DBA adjuster contacts you and asks for a statement, you should work with your lawyer to get that done. You should not do it yourself. This includes a written statement or a verbal statement. Lawyers know how to work with words so they know how to write an accurate statement so the DBA will accept it and pay the claim.

3. Fighting for the case yourself

Another surefire way to lose a DBA case is to fight for the case without an attorney. Even if the insurance adjuster contacts you, you should not answer any questions before talking to your lawyer. An attorney who specializes in DBA cases talks to insurance adjusters on a daily basis so they know exactly what the adjuster needs to hear to approve a case.

Worker meeting with worker's compensation specialist

Employees who are waiting for their claims to be paid do not speak to adjusters, so they often say the wrong thing. It is commonplace for employees to be nervous while speaking to an insurance adjuster because there is so much on the line. Along with being nervous, they are often angry that they have waited for so long.

Attorneys do not have any emotion involved, so they are able to stay calm during the entire process, which is another reason why you should not fight for the case on your own.

4. Waiting too long

Some employees wait too long to see a doctor and to file their claims. By waiting too long, the process can be delayed and possibly even declined. If you are injured on the job, you should get to a health care provider and file the paperwork with the help of an attorney.

5. Choosing the wrong lawyer

The best thing you can do is work with an attorney who has experience with DBA cases. These are not as common as a typical worker’s compensation claim, so finding a lawyer with experience is a bit tougher, but worth it.