Crypto Trading: The 101’s

Crypto trading is a new trend in the financial markets and takes advantage of the currencies that come through due to development in blockchain technology. The crypto units, which are the trading instruments in this instance function as an alternative currency that you can use in acceptable scenarios to pay for goods and services.

Crypto trading online
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Many forex brokers took advantage of their mainstream appeal and have them listed as securities on their respective platforms. Among the common units that you can trade in include the bitcoin, litecoin, and ripple among many others that come up constantly.

If you decide to get into this trading instrument-backed trading, there are several things you need to know as you can see below.

Your Choice Of Broker

Your choice of broker is a very important factor when you want to get into crypto trading. Keep in mind that there are select brokers who have crypto units as trading instruments on their platforms.

There are also brokerage platforms that exclusively deal in cryptocurrencies spread to all transaction such as deposits and withdrawals. This is a good place to start your crypto trading stint as you have the right environment.

Information On Crypto Units And Blockchain Technology

The blockchain concept can be quite hard to grasp more so if you are new to the industry. As such you need to get knowledge of the concept before you get started. Such information ranges from its mining, rates to your respective fiat currency and also their market conditions. This gives you a bearing of how to go when dealing with them.

You can opt for trading that some platforms offer with some going the extra mile by having a demo account for you to practice with.

Legality Status In Your Country

One definitive characteristic of cryptocurrencies is their decentralization and have no legal body governing them. Also, their transactions are not easily traceable which makes many governments ban their dealings. Before getting into this trading you need to know of is legality status in your territory so as not to be in a compromising situation with the laws.

Bitcoin as a global currency

Choice Of The Unit

As earlier hinted, there are several units available and you have a large variety for you to pick. This is a very essential part ad you need to pick a strong and stable unit that leads to a profitable venture. At the moment, the bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum are some of the stable units you can bank on. Such units come at a higher exchange rate but are the safest walls to lean on.

Strategies To Use In Crypto Trading

Once you get a proper understanding of the market then trading won’t be a hard engagement. The units come in the same form as currency pairs and you pick the pairs of your choice. For example, you can trade on the USD/BTC pair or the ETH/GBP pair.

Cryptos are also good for short term investments where you take advantage of the minor fluctuation during your day trading stint. Some cryptocurrency trading platforms have bots that alert you to open positions in case of favorable market conditions.

Another strategy you can bank on is to go the CFD trading way on the units where you do not have to purchase the unit. You instead take a contract speculating on its price movement in the future.

Benefits Of Crypto Trading:

  • You can make decent returns from the spreads which at times skyrocket in a short time.
  • Easy to trade on when you get their concept.
  • The plenty units make it versatile as you can pick a unit of your choice for your trading approach.

Downsides Of Crypto Trading:

  • The major downside of crypto trading is the pending legality status in several jurisdictions.


Cryptocurrencies are the future of trading if you are to look at their performance and mainstream appeal in the few years of their existence. They are an option to consider when looking for a trading instrument for your session in the financial markets. Just ensure you get the right info of blockchain technologies before buying into the trend.