How To Dress When Pitching To Venture Capitalists: 4 Tips

If you think you can attract a private investor with only a solid business plan in hand, you’re wrong! They say first impression is the last impression. Gone are the days when people would only rely on lucrative business plans to splurge their money on.

In today’s time, private investors such as venture capitalists are looking forward to work with people who are experienced in their job and have a professional appeal for the business. Though physical appearance is not mandatory for somebody to paddle their decision, it has the power to compel the other person to join the bandwagon.

Business attire for VC pitching

In this article we will guide you through a few tips to dress to look classy:

1. Chose the right outfit

This is the first thing you need to do after planning a meeting with the venture capitalist. Most naïve entrepreneurs make a common mistake of choosing the incorrect dress for corporate meetings. Keep in mind, if you want the other person to fall for your business plan and invest money, your look should be professional enough to compel the other person to take the chance.

If you wear baggy trousers with loose sweatshirts, the investor might lose interest in the very beginning of the conversation. Venture capitalists are often professionals who have hands-on experience with the corporate world, so they are interested in working with people who are like-minded.

2. Choose the right color

While choosing the right outfit, don’t forget to consider your color tone. Secondly, the colors of your dress shirt and coat need to match to make you look attractive.

There are many amazing shirt brand shops online where you can get a vast array of colors and designs for your shirt. Whatever you wear should be in coherence with your skin tone. Suppose if you have dark skin tone, you can wear light-colored clothes. If you have very fair skin, you can wear dark colors for the meeting. Refrain from wearing anything that sparkles or shines a lot.

3. Don’t forget a classy footwear

Footwear has a great impact on the entire persona of a person. If you don’t have a perspective on footwear, the best idea is to wear something that matches every color of your outfit. Say, if you have planned to wear a dress suit for the meeting, you can complement black dress shoes with it.

Before leaving the house, make sure your shoes have been polished well. Many professionals often judge people based on their hygiene. So if you show up in the meeting with dirty shoes, you might lose the deal.

Businessman getting ready for a VC pitch

4. Personal hygiene is important

If you attend a corporate meeting with bad breath or strong body odor, your prospective investor will push you back. Personal hygiene is very important for it shows how classy a person is in his lifestyle. Before you dress up, make sure to take a bath, put on perfume, cut your nails, etc.

When you’re going out for the meeting, trim your stubble, cleanse your face and always carry a mint if you don’t have a good breath. Don’t forget to clean your coat before moving out. Refrain from putting on a cologne that has a very strong smell.

Final Thoughts! In the end, it is important to plant a smile on your face and wear confidence on your sleeves.