4 Trading Tips from Forex Academy That Every Part-Time Forex Trader Should Follow

You don’t need a floor trader or full-time Forex broker to access the market these days. Thanks to technology, you can now sit in your office and keep track of the market on your mobile or laptop. All you need is a stable internet connection.

According to Forex Academy, the best website for news and research on Forex trading suggests that those who are getting their feet wet in the Forex trading industry should start as a part-time trader. It can be office goers, retired older adults, and even students above eighteen; anyone can start trading if they follow the tips below:

Part-time forex trader

1. Always give priority to your schedule

The name part-time suggests that you can’t dedicate enough time to Forex trading. However, if you want satisfactory returns, you need to set a specific time dedicated only to this. It can be an hour, two hours, or even more. But what if the period you choose has low volatility? You may not be able to make the most of trading strategies like catching short-term trends or day trading. However, don’t hesitate to shift to a different strategy. You can shift to position plays or longer-term swings to suit your schedule.

2. Do your homework

This is something every trader should do, whether they are part-time traders or full-time. If you don’t have formal education about Forex trading, you can go through the articles from Forex Academy. Their experts put together detailed articles about how to trade, the dos and don’ts of the Forex industry, and so on.

So, educate yourself as much as you can. There is an ocean of details that you will come across. Make sure you use the demo trading account before investing real money.

3. Keep a trading journal

A Forex trading account is not a place where you note down your profits and losses for the day. Instead, it is a record of all the mistakes you commit while trading. You should also keep a record of all the positive strategies. This will help to overcome the negatives so that you can make more money.

Part-time traders may not have the time to write down the details of their strategies and what worked and what didn’t. But this is a practice that you should develop as soon as possible.

Forex trader trades the market

4. Increase your trading time

You may start as a part-time trader, but if you want to earn more, you need to spend more time. It’s not like you will have consecutive successful days. There will be days when you don’t get favorable trades during your trading period. That’s the time when you would want to extend your trading time.

So, it is always wise to increase your trading time slowly. You can start with one hour, but you should increase it to two hours and more after a few months.


Forex trading involves a lot of patience. Unless you are ready to spend time and learn about the nuances of the trade, you will find it challenging to make money. For starters, you can stay hooked to Forex Academy for the latest strategies that can help you earn more.