Different Types Of Investor Immigration Visa USA

The U.S. government has developed several provisions for foreign investors to shift to the USA and expand their business. Approximately 140,000 immigrant visas are provided under the category of employment by the state.

After five years of having an immigrant investor visa and green card, you can directly apply for a passport and even U.S. citizenship. However, investor visa USA is only given out under specific categories, as follows:

Investor Visa guide

EB-5 Regional Center Investment

If you are investing $500,000 U.S. in any government-approved EB-5 regional center for about five or more years, then you may qualify for a conditional green card. The process takes about 18 months and enables your immediate family to migrate with you. The investment through this process is made in someone else’s commercial project, and the money is returned to you after five years of your U.S. entry.

But, the catch here is that this project must have ten or more American employees working for them over two years. Once you have checked all these boxes, you can apply for permanent green cards.

EB-5 Direct Investment

The entire procedure here is almost similar to Regional Center Investment, but this time, investment is in your own business. You have to invest 1 million U.S. dollars in your enterprise and hire ten or more American employees.

After two years of regular maintenance of this status, you can apply for a conditional green card. The entire process of application and redeeming stays the same. Most people prefer extending their restaurant or hotel chains for an immediate immigrant visa.

Transfer within an MNC

The most basic way to get a green card is by getting a transfer to the USA, working for a corporate company. You may be allocated to run a subsidiary plant in the states for your organization.

However, to be eligible, you will have to be an employee of the company for the last two years. Your job profile should also be the same as it was back at your home. The processing time of the green card is about 18 months.

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E-2 Work Visa

In case you are a citizen of any country that has an investment treaty with the USA, you can get an E-2 Work Visa. With an investment range of $75,000 U.S. to $200,000, you can establish your company in the States and get a green card as an immigrant employee.

These visas are valid for five years and can be renewed for an indefinite number of times. This visa also acts as a stepping stone towards the EB-5 direct green card, and furthermore, towards permanent citizenship.

EB-1 Extraordinary Immigrants

The government has laid down several criteria for an individual to qualify as an extraordinary immigrant. If you are the master of any field: arts, education, athletics, business, or education, you can be considered for EB-1 Extraordinary Immigrants. Business people with large estates and investments can apply under this category as well, for consideration.