15 Resources For Planning Your Next Business Trip

When you are responsible for booking corporate travel or planning a business trip you may become frustrated trying to work out the details of the destination, time, deals, activities to do, and more. The excitement of traveling can easily turn to stress. However, the life of a traveler can be made easier by using some of the many excellent websites and apps out there.

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How to Find Things to Do On Your Trip

By creating a travel itinerary beforehand, you can alleviate the challenge of managing your time and money on your trip. A good itinerary, however, should leave you with some flexibility to explore new events and locales once you’re there. These resources and apps for planning a trip can help you develop a trip itinerary and maximize your travel enjoyment.

1. Snap Maps via Snapchat

This app for planning a trip shows, in real-time, what people are snapping wherever they are. It’s a great way to get a feel for your planned destination.

2. Instagram

Get eager to travel by getting notifications from other travel Instagrammers. You can also look through photos of specific places that inspire you on Instagram maps and save those pictures.

3. Read Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are a great way to learn about events and attractions where you are going. If you’re spending a week in Minnesota, for instance, just type in travel blogs for Minnesota to quickly identify travel blogs around your destination.

4. Check the Town’s Library

Most libraries have a bulletin board that will clue you into fun activities going on nearby such as regional festivals and local performances or workshops.

5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is known for helping you book cheap flights and find hotel deals. Did you know you can find things to do and places to eat on TripAdvisor as well? Click the “things to do” button, type in your destination, and then browse by category (ex. historical and heritage tours) to easily find events and attractions that fit your interests.

6. Detour

This mobile app has over 100 audio walking tours in 17 cities so far. It uses your GPS and you can sync up with your travel partner for a shared experience.

7. Lonely Planet

Pick up physical or digital travel guides available on the site. You can also buy single chapters from most of the guidebooks, which is ideal if you are visiting only one city or region of a country.

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Budget Friendly Travel

These apps are for planning a trip that can help you save money without cutting corners on your trip.

8. Travelocity

In their Today’s Top Deals section, you can get deals on things to do; everything from a scenic helicopter flight, to sailing, to getting a New York City Explorer Pass.

9. Nomadic Matt

This site helps you “travel anywhere better, cheaper, and longer.”

10. HostelWorld

You can find cheap lodging anywhere in the world on this site. You can also find more luxurious travel accommodations, which are still generally affordable.

11. Airbnb

You can find inspiring, exciting, themed sleeping destinations here. Booking is typically very easy.

12. Couchsurfing

Just as the name implies, this tool lets travelers stay with local hosts (who may be able to offer some interesting recommendations for your trip, too).

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Apps to Help You Get Around

13. Get the Weather on the Go

This app is a must-have when traveling, so you’ll know what kind of clothes to bring. It will also tell you the air quality and if there is a flu outbreak where you are. If you love to watch the sunrise or sunset, it’ll tell you when that is, too, so you can have your camera and loved one ready for the photo opp.

14. Where’s the Bathroom?

Finding a public bathroom when you are in an unfamiliar place will be a cinch with this handy app for iOS and Android.

15. Google Translate

You don’t have to let not knowing the native language stop you from traveling. With over 100 languages that this website and the app can translate, you’ll be getting along in no time. You can even use your smartphone’s camera for instant text translation with the app. How cool is that?

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Travel Well, Friend!

Planning a trip, whether for business or enjoyment, doesn’t have to be challenging. This list is full of time-saving, money-saving websites and apps for planning a trip to help make your next trip as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Turn your next business trip into a business adventure using these tools. You are sure to find something for everyone to do and will leave with lasting memories and plenty of stories for chats at the water cooler.