Customer-Centric Credit Is Changing The Fintech Landscape In Canada

When you’re in the market for a new credit card, figuring out what card is right for you can quickly become challenging. What rewards suit your lifestyle? Do you choose miles or points? What member benefits are provided? The options are seemingly endless. But a new fintech company has entered the Canadian market, simplifying the choice for consumers – Brim Financial. Brim has created a hyper-personalized credit card that offers every user the card they’ve been looking for.

Brim card lock via an app
photo credit: @BrimFinancial

The groundbreaking concept of Brim lies in its simplicity. Why not give customers everything they want in one credit card rather than forcing them to cherry-pick rewards? The card allows credit card users to earn unlimited, unrestricted rewards that can be redeemed anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

Each Brim user can personalize their card to include loyalty rewards for the merchants they purchase from regularly.

The Brim card offers other perks besides its revolutionary rewards system, like customer-created installment plans within the Brim app that give users the ability to pay off large purchases with a flat-rate monthly payment. For a more secure payment process, members also have the ability to lock their card for specific purchases, like those online, while still having access to their physical card.

Rasha Katabi, founder and CEO of Brim Financial, is proud of their partnership with hundreds of merchants and offers that benefit companies and customers alike. “Merchants have access to set bespoke offers while consumers benefit from hyper-personalized and behavior-driven rewards, automatically and in real-time.”

In the past year, Brim Financial has made significant waves in the Canadian credit industry. The Brim Card allows consumers a choice, a concept that has shaken a pretty stagnant and traditional industry. “I think a consequence of our existence has been better services for all Canadian cardholders in general,” said Katabi.