3 Ways Branding Connects With Customers

For some firms, branding means little more than a name, logo and perhaps some company colours – and if they’re lucky and last for long enough, a company culture, mission and purpose coalesce around these basic elements.

Supreme branding

Meanwhile, many modern organisations approach branding as a science and understand that the chances of the corporate stars aligning as above are slim, therefore right at the point of inception, they agree a name that’s recognizable and sums up their purpose, a set of values that inspire staff and customers alike and a logo that cleverly encapsulates all the above into one on-point pictorial symbol.

Done properly, branding humanizes a brand and breaks down barriers between clients and staff, creating one tribe that’s perfectly synchronized and works symbiotically.

But either way, once the foundational work above has been completed to your satisfaction, you might be wondering how different branding applications can bring you closer to clients. In which case, here are three ways branding connects with customers.

Website landing page

1. A Powerful ‘About Us’ Page

When you’re thinking about website landing pages, there’s no doubt that your home page should create an awesome first impression for customers.

But savvy potential clients will also quickly turn to your ‘About Us’ page to get a feel for what type of company you are and what you stand for, over and above making money. Ethical purchasing decisions are becoming more common, so this important page should spell out your creation myth and use your mission statement to intrigue and inspire any visitor – this Inc article has some excellent tips on designing a dynamic ‘About Us’ page.

Wearing T-shirt with company brand

2. Branded clothing

If your brand positioning fits with a certain type of customer persona and lifestyle, it might be well suited to being emblazoned across some funky customized clothing.

For example, trendy Scottish barbers Hard Grind have developed a brand that’s streetwise, cool and straightforward, so as well as providing cuts, it offers clothing and coffee to its loyal punters – cleverly cementing itself in the collective consciousness whilst establishing alternative income streams.

Office reception area

3. Reception area visual branding

Your reception area is the physical equivalent of your website home page, so the primacy effect is important here, although you don’t want so many logos plastered across doors and hanging from the roof that visitors feel like it’s a salesy assault on the senses.

However, a branded entrance mat from the likes of Kleen-Tex is a terrific way to subtly get the message across and set the right tone as soon as a customer strolls through your door – it’s a professional experiential touch that effortlessly elevates your brand.

This hattrick of branding pro tips will help you maximise customer experience for minimal cost – you can thank us later!

That’s our list, but please share your own branding tips in the comments section, we would love to hear from you!