Juniper Research released an infographic that revealed that 555 million users are incorporating smart devices and voice assistants to control smart home devices and smart home systems – and it’s just the beginning of a disruptive, yet lucrative era of voice and smart home systems.

Key Takeaways

The infographic above is essentially briefing us with the potential of the smart home economy, in term of the number of active smart home monitoring and automation units, as well as the forecasted monetary upsides presented by the related technologies.

To recap, the infographic also reveals some fascinating takeaways related to smart home economy:

  • The big three in voice is currently Alexa, Assistant and Siri. However, there are other companies catching up, such as iFlytek and Baidu.
  • One of the early adopters that show the potential of this technology is Roost, a telematics provider that have negotiated 25 partnerships in the property insurance industry.
  • In the Smart Security arena, the big three players is Amazon, Alphabet and Samsung.  It would be interesting to see how these three rivals ‘battle’ in securing their stake in the growing sector.

Smart home system adoption

Emerging provider: Goodman Networks

One of the emerging smart home provider is Goodman Networks.  The company has come forward as a new leader in a newly-emerging and continuously growing smart home economy, an economy that is projected to gain momentum in the years to come.

Goodman Networks has taken their efforts one step further than their competitors as a leading provider of end-to-end field services solutions by launching a brand-new Closed-Loop Logistics service, which benefits operators, consumer electronics manufacturers, and retailers alike.

Goodman Networks operates off of a multi-stage Closed-Loop Logistics Solution:

  • Import & Assemble — Optimization of shipments, coordination, and quick transport at the lowest cost.
  • Stage & Kit — Testing and kitting as well as QA and QC activities to drive complete and accurate orders every time.
  • Forward Logistics — Logistics coordination from the warehouse to the delivery site.
  • Install & Integrate — Installation and integration services.
  • Monitor, Fix & Repair — Monitoring of networked items and quick solution delivery through Goodman Networks’ Network Operations Center (NOC). In-person repair included if needed.
  • Reverse Logistics — Equipment retrieval services, if necessary through Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Scott Pickett, Chief Marketing Officer of Goodman Networks, stated that Goodman Networks provides “A fundamental understanding of end-to-end process[es] of… equipment/parts delivering, installing and repairing technology solutions… that are becoming essential components of daily life.”

Goodman Networks offers end-to-end field services solutions and currently has 2,000 field service professionals employed across the United States, powering wireless telecommunications, satellite TV, and, smart home electronics.. As time moves forward, companies like Goodman Networks strive to serve the needs of multiple industries in need of last-mile field service technician solutions in the United States.