Online Payroll Software: Which Is The Best?

Payroll is one of the most complex and redundant areas to tackle for businesses. Not only does it take a lot of time to process each week or bi-weekly, but it also must be accurate. From calculations to taxes, it can be easy for someone to make a mistake if doing it manually. This is why utilizing online payroll software is essential for making sure payroll is done efficiently and accurately. The software help organize and provide guidance in the payroll process.

Finance team using payroll software

If you are looking for payroll software to implement in your existing business, or maybe you are looking for ways to make your startup successful this year, here are the top three applications available today that you should strongly consider.


PayCom payroll system screenshot

For small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses, the first highly recommended payroll software is Paycom. Paycom Payroll continues to innovate and brow upon an already full-service software solution for Payroll and HR. This online service has unique features that simplify the payroll process. In addition to payroll, Paycom also can manage 401(k), health benefits, and worker’s compensation insurance. Between the benefits and user-friendly navigation, it is no wonder why Paycom is becoming a global leader in online payroll and HR solutions.

Specifically, for the payroll feature, Paycom is capable of creating automated tasks such as calculations, payments, and payroll taxes on any government level. With the use of an automated process, mistakes are much less likely to occur. Between error-proofing the payroll system to time-saving for payroll management, Paycom is an excellent software to implement into any business, regardless of size.


OnPay payroll software screenshot

The next popular payroll software that is great for small to medium-sized businesses is OnPay. OnPay offers proper payroll management and creates a streamlined process for simplicity. One key feature that makes this software attractive is the user’s ability to have unlimited payrolls. Users can run payroll as many times as they need to without restrictions.

Taxes are always in the back of the business owner’s minds. Because OnPay has been around for nearly three decades, the creators know exactly how to handle payroll taxes and have mastered it in this software. If there are any errors in the data, OnPay management has promised its customers to take full accountability and cover any fines associated with the mistake.

Like Paycom, OnPay also offers more features besides payroll, such as health insurance and 401(k) benefits, which makes OnPay a great multi-solution option for businesses.


Patriot payroll software screenshot

The last excellent payroll software choice to consider is Patriot. This great for business on a budget with only payroll specific needs. There are two payroll solutions offered with this application: basic payroll and full service.

With the basic package, features include payroll and liability reports. This means that there still needs to be some manual labor to keep the payroll process going. For instance, it would still be on the payroll manager to create tax deposits and filings.

The full-service option, however, offers many more features, including handing payroll taxes and deposits. It also takes care of all the filings at the end of the year, so there is no labor involved. This is the recommended option to choose if using Patriot as a payroll software solution.


The three software mentioned above have their own pros and cons. We’d like to suggest you to try each one of them and see whether one of those come up as the most suitable for your business’ needs.