5 Business Travel Tips during The Holidays

Everyone else is heading overseas to have the time of their lives, they’ve worked really hard for it and they probably deserve it. You, on the other hand, have seen the opportunity: A clean sweep of the clients left waiting. Indeed, it’s the perfect time to offer people something your competitors can’t: You.

Business traveler on the go

One main issue with this time of year is that everything is ‘more’ during the holiday season – more expensive and distractions to name two. So, take the time to make plans – not only for your business meetings, but also for the opportunity to gain more trust – even deals – from your clients:

1. Plan for after

While everyone else is lounging on the beach, you can grab the opportunity offered by the downtime to make appointments with your clients for when the holidays are over. Not only will it be cheaper, they will also know how committed you are because you aren’t just playing in the sand.

2. Get there early

The long lines at security, the overflowing trains, cab rank with a two-hour lineup – these all will work to destroy your chances of banking at this time. Give yourself ample time before to get to the airport. If your first meeting is in the afternoon fly in the day before and if you know the cabs are always packed at your destination, then book a car well in advance with services like enjoycarhire.com.

3. Be skillful

Setting your bounce-back/away alert to ‘I will be back on the (insert date)’ is a good thing to do outside of the holiday season. However, if you are on business travel, then casually let others know that you are away – not on holiday but still working.

Businessman traveling for the first time

4. Breathe

With so many additional travelers around the airports, on the roads, and in the hotels, it can become increasingly more stressful than your ordinary business travel. So, try to do things that can make your trip a bit easier.

Remember to exercise a little more. Be more mindful, take a meditation app with you on the plane to drown out the sound of the stag do up the back. Then, when you arrive at your meeting, you will be ready to pitch your product.

5. Steer clear of distractions

The holidaymakers have surrounded you and they are reveling in the joy of eating richly, drinking excessively and burning their shoulders in the scorching heat. Leave all of that to them, remind yourself you are here for the long game and that they may be having a great time now; but you, in a year, will be sunning yourself on a less populated island because you chose to work rather than party.

It’s never easy to go against the grain of life but when you do it will almost always bring positive results.