The Importance Of Having Home Warranty In Place

Do you have the protection of a home warranty on your property? If you don’t then you are not alone.

There is a huge percentage of Americans who also don’t think that these plans are worth having. With this being said many experts suggest that having a home warranty is just as important as having home insurance for our property, and there are some compelling reasons why this is the case.

Home warranty protection

For most people, they fail to understand the need for home warranty alongside insurance, but we spoke to the customer service team at First American Home Warranty to find out exactly why it is so important.

Natural Disasters

After the California fires last year many people realized that having a home warranty could be very beneficial for anyone living in an area that was susceptible to natural disasters. After such an event it is likely that the systems in a home will have been damaged and so this is where a home warranty policy will be able to help. Put simply, if you have a home warranty plan in place, your home warranty provider will help you to get in touch with local repair professionals as soon as you notice any issues with the appliances or systems in your home.

Above all, no matter where you live, natural disasters can take a toll on your property, so whether you live in California, Florida, or even Kentucky, a home warranty plan can help to safeguard your home. If you would like further information about the benefits of home warranty plans, then you can read more about some of the different types of home warranty coverage here.

Where Home Insurance Isn’t

One of the reasons why many feel that they don’t need home warranty protection is that they wrongly believe that their home insurance policy will cover them against all eventualities. In reality, the insurance just covers the contents and the structure of the property, not the systems within it.

If your central heating system goes wrong and leaks water throughout the home, your insurance policy will cover all of the damage that has been caused as a result such as replacing flooring, furniture, and other personal possessions, but they won’t help you to repair your central heating system, which is going to be pricy. In this situation, you can rely on insurance for the damage and home warranty for the repairs.

Personal financial planning

Financial Planning

The last thing that anyone who likes to plan their finances needs is a surprise cost such as a repair of the systems in their home. When you have a home warranty in place however you can be safe in the knowledge that the most that you will have to pay out should something go wrong, s whatever the cost of your deductible is.

The Best Repair

Home warranty companies work with the very best in the business when it comes to getting repairs done and you can have the confidence that whatever happens in your home, it is going to be repaired to a very high standard. Not only this but you won’t have to be researching the best companies and calling round in a panic trying to get someone to come out and fix whatever has gone wrong.

If you have decided that home warranty is worthwhile then there are many plans out there when it comes to home warranty policies so be sure that you shop around, compare different prices and check out reviews for each company and plan before you decide which is the best option to protect your home.