6 Ways To Increase Online Sales

The better your business is at getting people to pay for products and services, the higher its chance of survival is. Businesses are always on the hunt for innovative ways to increase sales, and with the rise of ecommerce and online retail, the competition has become tougher.

Luckily, the same technology that has fostered competitiveness has also provided ways to get ahead of the competition, and, combined with simple copywriting inspired methods, can push you ahead of the competition. We’ll show you how in six ways.

Increasing online sales

Use analytics to track user behavior

Before you can increase sales, you need to first gain insight into your customers’ behaviors via analytics. Analytics inform your strategy because an increase in sales usually comes from current or repeat customers. Retail analytics is the analysis of consumer behavior with the goal of making business decisions. It involves analyzing the way customers make purchases in your online store and then using this data to improve products and experiences.

To carry out analytics, you’ll need retail analytics software. There are a few on the market that are free, but the most powerful ones are paid. Alternatively, you can outsource to a service that provides advanced retail solutions.

Simplify transactions within your supply chain

The businesses that make the most sales are the ones that simplify the entire process of purchasing, processing, and delivery. This involves making changes to your website and communication structure.

Changes to your website include optimizing the checkout page by implementing one-click checkouts, improving site navigation by utilizing simple assortment and categorization of products, and leveraging site design.

Changes to your communication structure involve optimizing how you communicate with your suppliers, vendors, and customers. The faster transactions move from your customers to you to your supplier, the more efficient your customer experience becomes.

If you run a dropshipping retail store, optimizing communication between your suppliers and customers involves leveraging a dropshipping automation software like the one offered by Modalyst. This software supports integration with your online store or your store in a marketplace and would send orders to your suppliers in real-time. In the case of the software offered by Modalyst, you would also have access to several certified suppliers and vendors ready to ship customer packages to them directly.

Retail analytics software should be used when simplifying transactions as it gives insight into breaks in the supply chain. It can also be used to carry out predictive analytics to stay on top of things.

Use testimonials and figures to convince customers

Including testimonials from buyers who have used your products will build your business’ credibility. People want products that solve their specific problems, so when they see others with the same problem being helped by your products, they’ll be more willing to give you a shot.

Product image in an online shop

Improve visualization with imagery and descriptions

It’s easier for buyers to purchase a product when they can visualize themselves using it. Your job is to help users visualize, which involves more than listing product features and functions. Tell your buyers what your product looks like, how it feels in their hand or on their body (as the case may be), how large or small it is, and include clear product images. This facilitates their visualization process. The more they see themselves using your products, the higher their chance of buying it.

Follow up on customers

It’s important to store historical data and other important customer data because it provides specific relevant data on a customer’s preferred products. When you are aware of what a customer likes, you can market to them using email marketing and social media. This data also fosters customer interaction because you can offer useful tips and suggestions based on what they already like.

Offer value with added services

Buyers love free shipping, warranties, and free accessories. Offering added services to entice buyers is a proven sales strategy. This way you’re not just competing on price, people buy because of the extra value they get. You can offer first-time buyers discounts on products in exchange for their email address. Their email is vital for the bonus point.

Bonus point

The future of the internet and online retail is community and connection. Creating a community for your customers will keep them loyal to your brand. Foster this sense of community by giving discounts, services like fast shipping, and wholesale pricing for members. This will make them feel cared for and will keep them loyal to your company for a long time.