3 Ways To Help Your Child Entrepreneur Flourish

Some kids want to emulate sports stars like Tyson Fury, Serena Williams and Simone Biles, while those of a more creative persuasion might want to be the next Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran or Childish Gambino.

But there are also plenty of young people inspired by business heroes like Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington and Gary Vaynerchuck (who’s even got a sports shoes collaboration with K-Swiss!).

Supporting child entrepreneur

And if your son, daughter, niece or nephew harbours ambitions to be a business mogul and shows some aptitude, it’s natural that you’ll want to encourage them in any way possible.

Nurturing an enterprising young mind isn’t as simple as taking a talented footballer to their local team, but you’d probably be surprised how much support is available.

To get started, take a look at these three ways to help your child entrepreneur flourish.

1. Young entrepreneurs clubs

There are so many young entrepreneurs throwing their hats in the business ring these days that young entrepreneurs clubs have spring up in many towns and cities around the world.

For instance, Crete-based business newbies can join the Youth Entrepreneurship Club in order to pick up pro tips and network with mentors and potential collaborators.

Find out online if there’s something similar near you, because mixing with likeminded peers from as early as possible will prevent your children feeling isolated, stimulate their minds and increase their chances of success.

2. Entrepreneurial summer camps

While some summer camp attendees spend their weeks hiking in the wilderness or performing plays which they’ve collectively penned, others are busy chatting about big data and which inventions will transform the world next.

When US-based kids attend Camp Imagineerz, they’ll learn how to apply Stanford Design Thinking to tackle everyday challenges with creativity, energy and enthusiasm, which is the perfect preparation for developing the type of growth mindset that’s displayed by the world’s best entrepreneurs.

Even if your child doesn’t end up being the next Elon Musk, this type of alternative educational experience prepares them for tackling any of life’s problems with logic and resilience. Plus, we hear it’s pretty good fun too!

Home tutoring job

3. Personal tutors

Not every entrepreneur needs outstanding school exam results or an excellent undergraduate or postgraduate degree – some have innate skills which they sharpen with blood, sweat and tears in the gladiatorial business environment.

However, certain qualifications are mandatory for entering specialist careers in the STEM sector, for instance – and if your child struggles to learn effectively in a traditional school environment for a subject they need to progress in their educational pathway, it’s a worry.

But hire tutor service Teachers To Your Home and top professionals will give them the one-to-one guidance necessary to smash their exam results out of the park and achieve their aspirations.

This terrific triad of tips will help the young entrepreneur in your life bring their business vision to fantastic fruition – you can thank us later!

Have we missed your favourite tip for young entrepreneurs? Share it in the comments section.