Serviced Office Marketing: How To Promote Your Service?

The concept of a ‘serviced office’ has been around for quite a while and was generally observed as a work area arrangement focused on advisors, entrepreneurs and SMEs drawn by lower costs, collective working zones and the adaptability of having the option to book on a month to month premise. The flexible service office industry has developed in the course of the last 15 years with the goal that it currently gives an advanced and complex assortment of choices for tenants.

Serviced office features

One of the advantages of a serviced office is the all-inclusive lease, which eliminates worries about unanticipated costs, for example, dilapidation or high service charge costs. Another is the capacity to grow and contract office size as indicated by work processes, taking on more space when remaining tasks at hand are high and afterward discharging surplus space toward the finish of an undertaking.

The long term demand for flexible workspace is driven by global trends towards agility, innovation and remote working. Serviced Office is on the rise as the demand for flexibility, lack of heavy investment capital, short-term lease and seamless integration are preferred by many new startups and businesses.

So, here are the best ways to market your Serviced Office:

The First Impression Matters

Many serviced offices and business centers lose out on potential tenants because they have not invested in a professional front end. There is only one chance where your client can have a great first impression. If you invest in the design and layout of your office to make it appealing as well as have a knowledgeable receptionist who will greet your client and have proper information then that can lead to an excellent first impression.

Leverage Content Marketing

Sharing your experience and solutions through blogs and articles will help you get established as an expert in the field. An excellent website is a prerequisite with contents that are in-depth and addresses solutions tenants might face. For example, you can blog about different ideas of holding a meeting productively and sound advice on different licensing requirements.

To make content marketing most productive you need to ascertain what target viewers want from your space and how your service office is different from others.

Highlight the cost-benefit factor

Serviced Office is much more cost-effective than traditional leasing spaces. Make sure to highlight how businesses can benefit from leasing office space from you. Highlight all the cost-saving factors and short term commitment.

Business team having a meeting at a comfortable office space

Meeting Room

Having meeting rooms will give your clients full access to fully equipped board room ready facility and they can also be used as conference rooms, study groups, and training sessions. This will attract more clients to your serviced office space and will also help you to generate more revenue from leasing out your meeting rooms.

Differentiate between you and your competitors

Be thorough with the packages you are offering and highlight all the benefits and features that your competitors might not have. Research the market and have an understanding of what your competitors are offering. An ideal Serviced Office offers the following benefits:

  • Offer parking facilities and if you don’t have parking faculty then offer alternative options.
  • Offering state of the art office equipment and high-speed wifi and internet facility is a must.
  • Have incoming calls answered mentioning the name of your company as an experiment.
  • Flexible use of conference rooms/meeting rooms if needed.
  • Flexible contract length as well as cost-effective packages.

Gifting Membership

A surprising option that you can use is to gift membership to business leaders and entrepreneurs. This will inspire them to use your office and hold meetings and calls there, which will help you gain more traction as more people will learn about your serviced office. This can be a great advertising strategy all for a cost of just a membership.

Advertise near transport hubs

If your serviced office space is in a city with a lot of commuters then place advertisements in those areas where people commute daily. This will increase your visibility to many businesses and entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Use Social Media to your advantage

Your serviced office needs to have a social media presence to leverage your business exponentially. Use Twitter to engage and promote members, use Instagram to promote curated pictures of your serviced office and events and Facebook to share news and content. You can also consider Facebook and Instagram ads to increase your reach.

Paris landmark

Great Location

This is one of the most fundamental pre-requisite that your office should be located close to vital transport links and in metropolitan areas. It allows businesses to rent prime official real estate without the expenses of owning and managing the building, helping them curb their expenses and increase their profit margin.

Host various Events

Events are important for improving your reach and growing your business. Featuring guest speakers among your tenants can help your business further network in the community and help your client network as well which will, in turn, help you get new clients. You can also invite banks and other service providers to share their knowledge with your renters.

Catering Support

Impress your tenants by organizing catering during business and other meetings. Have a dedicated team who will manage the lunch, breakfast and ensures a steady flow of tea and coffee so that your tenants are looked after. Taking care of your tenants is the best promotion strategy as it pays off enormously.

Space for expansion

An office is a big expenditure for most businesses that is why most startups and businesses prefer serviced offices as a wise investment. For business in its growth stage, expansion of their business is uncertain and can be of great concern. Your service office should have enough space so that your current clientele can grow and expand as their business grows.

Your clients then don’t have to change their existing address and relocate when their business expands, rather they can lease more space increasing your revenue from existing clientele.

Meeting at serviced office


Promoting your serviced office isn’t any different from promoting any other products and services – you need to reach out to a specific audience who actually needs your services. What you need to do is staying consistent with your marketing efforts and budgets, and always look for better ways – or better yet, best practices – on how to get your serviced office more visible to your target market.