5 Best Tips For Starting Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing has proved over the years to be an effective business strategy. Text messages have an open rate of 98%. This means it is opened immediately or minutes after it is received. As a beginner or novice in the business, you cannot expect success if you do not know the basics of text message marketing.

Reading text messages

This article will expose you to some of the tips in starting an effective text message marketing – courtesy of our friends at Jooksms (Do you know Jooksms is the top bulk sms site?)

1. Ask customers to opt in to receive your messages

The first thing in running a text message marketing is to provide an avenue to get customer’s phone numbers. After getting the number of prospective customers, encourage them to subscribe to your messages so as to get regular updates on your products and services. Some customers do not buy the idea of subscribing to your messages but a majority will agree you keeping them informed of best offers through messages. You can also try to get more people to opt in through personal contact.

2. Keep you messages simple and concise

The thing is people are often busy with one thing or the other. So, you don’t want to write a full length essay in your marketing message. The maximum number of words you can text for a broadcast is 160 so you have to pass your message in a clear and concise manner. Keeping it short doesn’t mean your message should be thoughtless so opt for pithy messages.

Short messages take less than two minutes to read so within minutes of sending the message, you should get your feedback if it is simple and concise.

3. Timing is important

The time you send the messages to customers matters a lot if you want to actually capture their interest in whatever you are promoting. If you send your message late in the night and the customer opens it, they might lose interest in the contents that moment which might eventually lead to unsubscribing to your message by the customer. You can send it late in the morning, mid-afternoon or preferably during weekends when people are mostly relaxed.

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4. Avoid spamming customers

When most customers give you their numbers, they don’t expect you to bombard them with loads of messages and sending messages at inauspicious times. So instead of sending dozens of text messages, spend times to carefully draft a short and effective marketing campaign. You can also contract the message content to copywriters.

5. Make use of a link shortening service

You can find yourself in a situation where you need to send a short message and the attached link has taken a lot of space. In this case, it is advisable for you to make use of a link shortening service. You can make use of a URL shortener which will shorten the link and allow space for the rest of the message.

If you follow the above tips, you are on your way to success. Most importantly, you are on the path of creating an interpersonal relationship with your customer which is good for business as a marketer